Jacked Up Jack

February 19, 2010

Wounded and weary.

I was barely able to escape Telluride. The Darcarre were waiting for me. I had just managed to get off the last post before they moved in, coming at me from every direction. I’ll tell you one thing, I’m really need to start taking heads! Since those bastards are the only Xemmoni that can heal themselves, it seemed to be about the only way you can be sure they go down,  just like zombies.

One other thing, these five foot snow drifts make things almost impossible for hitchhiking. But I’m done fooling around. These scumbags got my bike, so this is an all out war!!! No one, I mean no one, touches the bike. They have it hostage, so back to Stoner I must go. Yet, overland is almost impossible and how can I trust any rides, not that they would trust me the way I’m looking and I’m sure this bloody arm isn’t helping any.

Wait, what, someone is actually stopping. Wow, a woman no less. And pretty too. I’m going to send this off, with my luck she is probably tainted, but you never know. Wow, yeah she is cute, I might as well try.

Again, if you don’t get another post, you’ll know what happened.

In Yig I had better trust.

Check out more of Jack’s action here!

Jack in the Rockies

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