Crossing The Snow Line

June 22, 2010

          Sorry, I didn’t get back to you all for a while. I’m sure you
must have been worried, but some things can’t be helped.
The Battle with the Darcarre was fierce. Still there are two things the
Darcarre hate more than anything else: Light and fire, and between
Hannah and Ethan, I had them both.
          The Skinwalkers fought like cornered wolves. Them, along with
me chopping a few faces in half, sent the Darcarre searching for easier
prey. We did our best to hunt them down as they fled. If there is one
thing I’ve learned, it is to never leave a Xemmoni alive, but even at I
thought those words, I realized that I was now facing three Xemmoni
Selectors, who we had just fought along side of.
           In the end, we made a simple agreement with them. They would
return to the nation and let the rancher have his lands, but they would
also be allowed to cull any cattle that trespassed onto the reservation.
It seemed fair enough to me, besides I needed to move on.
          So move on is what we did, until Ethan got our new ride stuck
in the mud for four days. We were assaulted by gale force winds, which
were taking down trees, rain, hail, and even snow. I know this is the
Rockies, but come on, isn’t it June?
So yeah, we were stuck for a long while. Each minute I cursed our state,
for waiting would only make the Xemmoni stronger and give them more time
to prepare. Finally, with a little help from Yig’s creatures, we were
able to free ourselves.
Now the real trial was before us. We needed to head back to the Million
Dollar Highway and back into the home of this new Dark Alliance, this
gathering of Caradon, Glooms, and Darcarre.
        We had decided to have one last night of comfort after at the
wet we’d been through and found a cozy mini apartment in the picturesque
town of Lake View.
        While Hannah was kind enough to make a stir fry out of our
camping leftovers, Ethan and I shared a discussion in front of the
television. He was channel surfing with glee, until my deep voice
brought him back to reality.
        “So are you with me a hundred percent on this one?”
He tried to stay focused on the TV. “Sure, why wouldn’t I be?”
        “Well, you saw that freak the Creeper. I’ve been through a lot,
but I’ve never had to face someone like that. He swung a car at me like
a baseball bat. You know how much that hurt?”
        “Why would you think we wouldn’t be helping you?” Hannah’s hands
were on her hips and she didn’t look very happy. “When have I not been
here for you? Have I ever turned away or let you down?’
        “No, of course not, But things are getting weirder. It seems
like the whole Xemmoni world is rising up to make sure I don’t make it
back to Idaho. And, like I said, That Creeper, well, he is something
else. I have no clue how we can take someone like that out. I hit him
with everything I had and then some and he was barely slowed down. I’m
not sure the three of us could handle him and if we have to fight him,
while he is backed up by the other races, I won’t be betting on the
        “Geez, aren’t you Peter-peppy tonight.”
        “I’m never a Peter-peppy.”
         Hannah managed a slight smile. “I was sent to insure you make
it to Idaho and for whatever reason, so was Ethan. You can count on me.”
        Eyes turned toward the scarlet man. “Yeah, yeah, you can count
on me too.”
        “Alright,” I allowed myself a humorless smile. “Let’s do this
then and one other thing, when we do get there, The Creeper is mine!” 

Come find out how Jack got to be here with the First Chronicles of Jack Primus

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