Basking In the Darkness Part II

July 14, 2010

So after a few more threats, bargaining, and maybe a little pleading (on their part, of course) I was led into an underground room and a few minutes later Ethan was dragged in as well.

I took in the room, while they pulled a coarse bag from his head. It appeared to be an earthen cave, perhaps dug from the ground itself. It reminded me of the forts kids used to play in, other than the stacks of oddly shaped bones. When I saw the piles of discarded clothing, that most likely came from these Darcarre’s victims, it was all I could do to keep it from being ‘go time,’ but I held my hand. I would learn what they had to tell me. I could always kill them later.

“Jack!” Ethan yelled, once his face was free. I just nodded and he calmed down once the Xemmoni forced him into his seat.

For a moment, the darkly robed men stared at each other and shuffled their feet in the dirt. “Can we get on with this?”

The man known as Klich took a seat at the rotting table, while the rest of his men remained standing. Ethan looked around before saying, “quite a head quarters you guys have here. Pretty slick,” Smiling, he continued, “Maybe we’ve been on the wrong side all this time, Jack. I mean I’ve always wanted to live in a filthy pit, you know, just scoop up a few handfuls of dirt and you’ve got a great pillow.”

Klich growled. “This isn’t our headquarters you fool! The Darcarre are of two minds. One seeking to follow Vile and his Dark Alliance of Xemmoni-”

“While the other just kills innocents on their own,” I finished for him.

“Not all Xemmoni kill, Mr Primus. I have an ally in Portland that gains his Baal by showing the public his artwork.”

“His pieces must be lovely,” Ethan said, rolling his eyes.

“If I have to say, let’s get on with this one more time, someone is going to start bleeding.”

Holding up his hands, Klich said, “Okay okay. So obviously we have issues within even our own race and this is bad enough, but now this monster The Creeper thinks that just because he is the size of a mountain he should be boss.”

“Yeah,” one of the Darklings spoke up, “and this is Darcarre territory.”

“Shut up, Ob,” Kilch said with a sigh. “I think the bigger problem is that he is about as bright as the bottom of a thousand foot pit, on the dark side of the moon, after the sun has gone dead.”

“Uh huh,” Jack said. “So basically this giant meathead is so sick that even you Xemmoni are scared of him and he also wants to take over, so you want us to do the work you are too scared to do yourself.”

“It isn’t that we are scared,” Klich said, in a manner which was less than completely convincing, “it’s also that we don’t really want the eyes of the Dark Alliance to brand us as traitors. If they were to do so, The Creeper would be the least of our problems.”

“I understand, but I also understand that you are asking us to do a job that we weren’t able to do before and you are expecting us to do it when we are shy a third of our members.” Even as I said this, part of me was happy to not have Hannah involved for no matter how tough she was the Creeper could easily put an end to her days, but these thoughts led me to the next issue.

“Also, say that we do the impossible and fight through whatever hordes lurks around this puke and then axe this bastard, how do I know you’ll release Hannah?”

“Or not come at us with knives in the back when we are weakened,” Ethan added.

“I guess you’ll just have to trust me,” Klich smiled.

Would you like to find out more about what happened to Jack and his journey to become a Stalwart? Then check out the book of his first adventures!!!!!!!!

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