Basking In The Darkness Part III

July 22, 2010

I suppose one positive thing to forming an alliance with your enemy, or at least part of your enemy, is they at least know where they are going and can do a pretty good job of sneaking you in.

Whether this creepy manor sitting on the top of that tree covered mountain was bought by some Darcarre, or they just killed the guy that owned it, probably doesn’t matter much anymore. All I can tell you is that it looks colossal; the place could have 200 hundred rooms. It crouches before us like a giant beast lurking in this isolated black forest we are approaching. My Yig, lord of the wood, has no home here. It’s dark, corrupt, polluted, and you can tell that the Darcarre have been lingering here for ages.

But that isn’t all

The evidence of the Glooms and the Caradon can also be both seen and felt. A clammy fog clings to the trees like the fingers of wet corpses. While a sick putrescence has infected the forest floor with a spreading fungus the color of an infected bruise.

“This house looks lovely,” Ethan mumbled, keeping his voice low. “I can see why you want it back so badly. Are you sure we can’t just burn this whole hillside down and just call it a night?”

“Don’t be foolish,” Klich snapped. “We are keeping the house. Besides the Glooms would be able to extinguish your flames long before they reached it.”

“Yeah, yeah, so what is the game plan anyway?” I demanded.

“The allies I still possess inside of the house have set up a ruse. They are gathering as many Dark Alliance Xemmoni they can, claiming that they have located a group of Dyevils that are attempting to enter our lands. It is our hope that this will thin your opposition and make it easier to enter the manor.”

“And you are sure the Creeper isn’t going?”

“He wouldn’t sink to such a lowly level these days.” Klich spat. “He considers himself the lord of the manor, even if it belongs to the Darcarre and not the rot ridden Caradon.” Behind him, some of his men could be heard grumbling.

Klich continued. “I’ll be sending two of my best men in with you. They will be your guides and  willhelp you finish this. Their names are Ink and Void. They will be insuring you make it out in one piece and I expect you to return the favor.”

Ink was a tall thin creature, who although he looked Caucasian, had apparently dyed his entire body a pitch black. Void was a younger man that carried a bared sword, which had been painted a flat black. If nothing else, I supposed these two would be hard to see outside of a white washed room.

“So is there anything else we need to know?”

“Besides what these two can tell you, not really. The house is littered with secret passages and the like, so keep my men alive or you won’t stay that way yourselves. The Glooms and Caradon are unaware of these secrets. Even the Darcarre that betrayed our cause don’t trust them that much. But since some of our traitorous brethren still lurk above, there will be no guarantees.  Now, be off and may the Darkness protect you.”

Looking once over my shoulder as we entered the foul woods, something in my gut told me I was going to seriously regret all this.

Would you like to find out more about what happened to Jack and his journey to become a Stalwart? Then check out the book of his first adventures!!!!!!!!

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