Jack Primus Versus The Creeper Part I

August 11, 2010

The only advantage we had was that we had gotten the drop on them, but since there were fourteen Xemmoni, plus the flipping Creeper, this might not mean a hell of a lot.
I figured I’d start out big and joined my allies in lighting up the place with some serious mystical energy. While Ethan ripped into them when his flame attack, the Loki thing, and the Darcarre blasted into two of the six twisted Caradon with their Black Veins Bestow, I thought I’d try to look at the bigger picture.
The whole room was covered with rubble torn out of the house. Most of this was lumber. Forming a link with the abilities given to me by the great God Yig, I called forth the strength of the forests. The discarded wooden beams began to splinter and bend. They undulated like blind snakes latching onto whatever they could hold. Ankle. Arm. Neck.
The Creeper was screaming, but I did my best to see if a hurled sledge hammer would shut him up. When his nose exploded into a bloody ruin, all lethargy was lost and the giant mountain of a man bellowed like a thousand slaughtered cattle.
“Primus is mine! You weaklings mop up the rest of these fools!” Oh great, my allies were now only outnumbered over four to one and all I had to do was take on this fifty foot tall tattered freak with arms the size of freight cars.
So naturally, I ran.
The Creeper lunged toward me, but wasn’t fast enough. I made it into a normal hallway before his railroad tie sized fingers tore yards of wood away from the walls. I sprinted down the dark passage and the Creeper tried to bull his way through the walls with a scream. I might have heard Ink shouting something about not destroying the manor, but I couldn’t have cared less. I figured this whole mission was a fool’s errand and we had only just begun our trip down the shit slope.
Only thing I could do now was hang on and try to ride it out.
Even The Creeper can’t run through three floors of a house, at least not quickly. I thought I had bought myself a few seconds until I heard something crashing down the hallway after me. Turning, my eyes went wide with panic. A mangled hand, dripping torn flesh and easily the size of a swimming pool, was racing towards me. It filled the entire passage and there could be no avoiding it.
I let my big battle axe ride in my hands as I kept booking down the passage. A Gloom’s ghastly face appeared blocking my path. I was about to cut him down, but then I had an idea. I let him make the first move. After blocking his descending sickle, I spun, and then using the shaft of my axe, I pushed him back the way I had come.
The Gloom shrieked in terror as The Creeper’s oversized hand clamped down on him. Never one to waste an opportunity, I turned and whacked The Creeper’s hand with an overhead swing. In the distance I heard a bellow, as one of The Creeper’s fingers were severed in an explosion of blood. The hand withdrew, after crushing the Gloom into a bloody paste, of course.
The howling only increased when The Creeper discovered he had taken the wrong prize.
As to the fate of my allies I could not be sure, for it seemed that the fighting had stopped. I could care less about the Darcarre, although despite my wishes, Ethan had sort of grown on me.
I was uncertain as to what my next move should be, but then it was decided for me. With a wild series of manic caterwauling the Xemmoni came pouring down the tunnel at me. Yells from other parts of the house joined in. Who knew how many there were? I needed to get out of there.
Racing just ahead of the gathering shadows I made my way into a library. Not bothering to stop until I had leapt through the far window, I rolled over the grass, followed my a storm of shattered glass.
But before I could even regain my feet, I heard a titanic laugh.

Looking up, I saw that The Creeper was already waiting for me.

Can’t get enough of Jack? Then check out the first book in his Chronicles!

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