Jack Primus Versus The Creeper Part II

August 16, 2010

Without thinking, I was moving. I used a hand sign of Yig and a few hisses to bring forth my most powerful spell and focused my Ki on the window, which I had  recently leapt through. At least a dozen Xemmoni were hurling themselves through the library located on the other side of the shattered window.
The ground burst, sending chunks of earth and stone five feet into the air on either side of the Creeper’s fist and more importantly, where I had just been standing. With a final yell, my spell crashed into the wall of the house. The manor was made of wood, which had no choice but to obey my commands. At first there was a splintered tearing and then the shattered pieces of wood wove together, like a drunken spider web.
Disgruntled moans echoed when the swarm discovered their passage to me closed. But they would find another way.
The Creeper loomed above me. The foul Caradon was easily fifty feet tall. Blood splashed the front of him from where I had crushed his nose.
A fist the size of a Humvee came barreling at me, with a leap, I was just able to avoid being hit.
Forget the Darcarre, forget this stupid mission, I was going to play by my own rules. If my Darcarre allies wouldn‘t play nice, then I might have to beat them each bloody until they turned up with Hannah. I hoped for Ethan’s sake that the man might be finding his own escape. Surely Ink and Void knew that they needed to flee.
I was sprinting for the forest now and The Creeper was right behind me. “Welcome to my playground you, wait, these trees!” They aren’t obeying my command.
“These lands belong to US!” The Creeper bellowed. “You’ll find no hope here, Primus.” His voice was like bags of cement being tossed down a dry well.
“Buckethead,” might have escaped from me as I plunged deeper into the woods. Yes, I was separated from my dubious allies and Ethan. But since I could do little against The Creeper I figured: A) I shound be fleeing. B) I might as well put as much distance between me and the Xemmoni horde.
So now I just had to deal with the mile high monstrosity, one on one. I leaped over boulder and log, lunging headfirst through the darkness. The Creeper tore through the bows behind me. Some luck was with me for the trees slowed his charge considerably.
Ahead of me a rocky pass loomed and I had an idea. I put everything I had into a sprint as I began to focus on a different spell.
Over and Under I Move Through the Trees
In Light or in Dark, I move as I Please

My eyes grew wide as my legs began to disappear. The Creeper raged behind me and I struggled to get closer to the lip of the canyon before my change became complete. I was shrinking fast. An explosive hiss tore from me as I used a last burst of strength to hurl my new serpentine body under a boulder.
The only drawback of being in serpent form is it is harder to say. “I got you now fucker.”

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