Jack Primus versus The Creeper Part IV

August 31, 2010

“Meet the Creeper. Dig your grave deeper. Meet The Creeper, Yeah YEAH!” He bellowed, louder than an avalanche, as his giant stride raced him towards me. Even though he looked a bloody mess, with his shattered nose and half a tree still jutting from his mouth, this had no effect of his speed and only fueled his rage.

Without thinking, I pumped the remainder of my Ki into healing myself. It was a panicking situation to feel it draining away before I was even fully healed.  I still had my battle axe and a few knives, but that was about it, so like usual, I turned and ran.

“You won’t run from me. You won’t run from me! Not this time, Primus. This time there is no escape for you. Darken wants you dead and I plan to claim the price on your head. Soon I, Creeper, will be the Lord Of The Rockies!”

Yeah, fuck him.

As I ran, I spotted a dead aspen in my path. My axe went sideways and with one swing I took it out. The Creeper yelled, more with anger than fear, as the fifty feet of tree came toppling at him. I didn’t look to see what might have happened, but a ragged scream led me to hope for the best.

“Will you stop stabbing me with trees!”

Duh, I thought to myself, what else would a child of Yig do?

More running brought me into a wider part of the canyon where the car-sized boulders and the trees began to work against the Creeper’s monstrous height.

I was going to need something serious to take this guy out, but he was too close on my heels to set up a rockslide or something of that nature. Having my reinforcements show up would have been nice, but it appeared the opposite was going to happen. For, in the distance, I could hear the caterwauling of the other Xemmoni as they reached the top of the canyon.

They were chanting something. I think it was, “See the dead in your eyes.”

The Creeper was ordering them to follow, but I didn’t focus on his words for I had to think of a way out of this, not just for myself, but for Hannah too. I reached a core I couldn’t ignore… It was time to play things my way, like I had decided before, I was going to take a page out of Yig’s book and embrace the chaos. Screw the Darcarre, screw our deal, the only thing that mattered was the survival of me and mine. And I was going to make sure that happened!

The canyon opened up wider and I turned and began to head both downhill and north, back towards where I had left Klich and the Darcarre that had sent me on this fool’s errand. It appeared, being the coward at heart he was, that The Creeper was holding up and waiting for his reinforcements.
Yeah sucker, give me the time I need. I going to seriously fuck you up.

I hopped over rock and fallen log and I raced down hill. Soon, I was going so fast I could barely control myself. Branches tore at my face and my hands were covered with a spider web of scars. A cluster of branches blocked my way until my axe splintered them with a violent whack.

As I continued to sprint, I called out to the father of the forest. “Come on, Yig. Don’t let me die in your forest, at least not to these scum.” I summoned every last ebb of strength, drawing from the woods themselves and sent out my most simple spell. Detect Darkening.
And there they were.

“Ha, the fools are still waiting for me,” I whispered between pants. “That means I either beat Ink and Void back here, or they are already dead. Either way, it won’t effect my plans.”

As I continued to race toward their foul ebony glow, I could hear The Creeper and his lackeys striving to catch up and that suited me fine.
Everyone would get involved in the fight this night and the blood would boil before things were done.

And all I could say, as I neared the lurking nest of the Darcarre that sent me on this quest and had my girl, was

Bring it on!!!

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