The battle cries of the feuding Darcarre were drowned out when the black Forerunner roared into life. Nothing could block out the bellowing of the titanic Creeper as he barreled through the woods leaving splintered trees in his wake.

Xemmoni bastard.

I took the rock filled dirt road eight times too fast. I barely managed to swerve around a tree that loomed suddenly in the darkness. We bounced over a large boulder so hard that we each smacked the roof with our heads. After that, we put our seat belts on. Moving the SUV through such roughed terrain, left little time to focus on how well the Creeper was doing keeping up, however, with Ethan around, this wasn’t an issue.

“Holy crap, Jack! You have to drive faster!”

“Are you nuts? That last turn just took our bumper off.”

“You’re nuts if you don’t drive faster!”

I took his word for it and blasted that car down the hill like it was owned by an enemy, oh wait, it was. Our left passenger-side door swiped a tree, but I was able the keep the ride moving.

“Honey, I think you might have scratched the car,” Ethan laughed.

“Shut the hell up,” I might have growled.

A dry wash could be seen before us in the frantic headlights. Ethan shouted, “Go, go, GO!”

I hit the rock heavy river bed doing maybe sixty. Backpacks flew everywhere and there was a loud bang as one of our tires exploded. We lurched sideways, heading toward a drop off. I jerked the steering wheels and was able to arc around the edge of the cliff.

But the tire was still flat and there was no way for me to keep up my speed. I tried anyway. Slammed and jarred, I heard the Creeper’s harsh laugh.

And then we were on pavement. “Look out! Look out!” Ethan yelled and I only narrowly avoided a head on collision with an oncoming pickup. Jerking back into my lane I tried to take my speed up, but I knew I was screwed.

The Creeper emerged onto route 148 trailed by a cloud of leaves. I was heading north and The Creeper came after me. I could barely reach 35mph and he was doubling that. This changed when a Tahoe took him in the ankle. It shattered with a loud crack.

Ethan and I shared a nervous glance. I stopped the car. “Are you sure about this?” He asked.

“We have given him enough damage to stop an army. We’ll never have another chance like this. Come on, its sounds like he has a broken leg!”

“Damn you Yig types!” He said, but then exited the ride with me. We were just in time to see The Creeper heave the Tahoe into the center of the Delores River.

Maybe this hadn’t been the best idea.


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Oh Hail Yig!

I grumbled to myself as the fifty foot tall tattered Creeper lead one side of the Darcarre manor in a manic chase to catch me. While only a hundred feet of forest separated me from the splinter group of Darcarre, which although claimed to be the enemy of The Creeper, but held my woman Hannah to insure my loyalty and Ethan‘s, if such a thing is possible with that man. It might not matter if Ethan hadn’t survived the battle at the manor.

Screw these Darcarre. Their allies have my woman, but there had to be another way, because I wasn’t going to survive that fight by playing with anyone’s set of rules but my own.

Klich’s and his Darcarre sensed me long before I arrived. But they sensed the titanic Creeper and the opposing members of their clan too. “Primus what in the Abyss are you doing? This wasn’t part of our deal!”

I didn’t bother to reply. I didn’t stop either. I hit their small pack and just kept sprinting through it. Two of them made the mistake of trying to stop me and were barreled into trees.

And I just kept going.

I was 20 feet past them when The Creeper burst into their midst. The Darcarre where battered and tossed. One of their number was seized and then hurled full force at a massive pine. He landed with a wet thud and I didn’t see him rise.

I paused for a moment to watch, while I half focused on trying to create a primitive spear with my axe. Klich and two of his men lanced out with the darkness of their Black Veins Bestow. The Creeper wailed as their spells crashed into him.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” I said, through gritted teeth, as I finished my spear.

Yet is was short lived. For as soon as the Manor Darcarre arrived, Klich’s force turned and fled. I guess I couldn’t knock them. It was what I’d been doing for the last hour.

Then The Creeper screamed when I took out his eye with my hastily made lance. Primus, you worm of Yig. I will create a paste from your mangled body and butter my bread with you for weeks!”

“You have to catch me first!” I yelled back, but then kept running.

The Darcarre remained fighting amongst themselves, but The Creeper tore after me like an avalanche of trains. A twelve foot cliff was suddenly before me. I had no choice but to leap. A broken ankle would mean death. I flew through the air and landed in a roll. Branches and leaves tossed by me. Something hit my arm, hard.

After managing to get my feet up under myself, I continued on with more areas of my body damaged than not. The Creeper was close. He had to be able to sense me somehow for the forest was blacker than his heart.

With a yell, I burst into the dead end dirt road that held Klich’s vehicles. Two of his men were there guarding them. I was tackling one before they knew what was happening. He crying out startled as I grasped for a set of keys.

Then behind me a large blast of flame ripped through the night and for a moment we were covered in a vivid orange glow. The Creeper was roaring, while in the background the Darcarre conflict had reached a horrid canopy of grunts and yells.

“Ethan get your ass over here. I can’t wait for you!” Of course I would have to, but I wanted to be sure he had the right motivation. The Darcarre under me was going for a weapon. My elbow smashed him across the jaw even as my other hand tore a set of keys through his pants.

The other Darcarre was coming at me, but I grabbed the one under me by collar and belt. Lifting him airborne, I shoved him headfirst into his partner’s stomach. They each gasped and fell into a tangle of limbs. The key had a Toyota symbol and there was only one. A huge ebony beast.

I was in it before the Darcarre had recovered. Looking over my shoulder, I saw that a good portion of the forest was now ablaze. The Creeper could be seen skirting the growing fire. A second later Ethan was in the passenger seat cleaning his nails with a bloody dagger and trying to hide his grin. “Just waiting on you.”

“Son of a…” I grumbled as the car roared to life.

“I hope you’re a good driver, cuz here he comes!”

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