Jack Primus Versus The Creeper… The Conclusion!!!

October 2, 2010

With a ear scratching tear, the Creeper ripped out a section of the guard rail that had to have been forty feet long.  I looked down at my doubled sided axe. It had seemed so big before.

Ethan fired a giant jet of flame into The Creeper’s chest. He screamed as he jerked away and his 40 fifty foot arm started a small avalanche on the cliff face to the west. “I’m spent,” Ethan said, almost looking serious for once. “And my Loki’s Fast Feet are almost played out. If we are doing something, we need to do it now!”

That was when we saw some headlights coming up at us from the south.

The Creeper didn’t give a shit.


While his voice created more rock slides, he was making a weird spidery dance with his fingers. A moment later, the air exploded with a Cell Disrupting blast. The molecules of air melted in it path. It quickly became a churning cone of burning death, which was hurled at Ethan.

My ally screamed and cursed as his flesh began to peel and bubble away. Soon his wailing was overpowering, I feared for his life. Seconds later, he stumbled back falling into a fit of jerking screams.

Whatever battle I was to face would be without his aid.

Screw it. I was going in.  Getting a better grip on my battle axe, I rushed at the foul Caradon. I watched as the jagged tangle of guard rail slammed toward me. I put everything I had into a leap to the west. Chunks of asphalt arced from the blow, but I was able to escape the massive weapon.

One more lunge forward and I was in range. I never heard a scream louder than when I severed The Creeper’s left hand at the wrist. Blood bathed me like a fire hose. Flailing arms, the size of tree trunks battered me off my feet. I landed hard, but still had a hold on the oversized battle axe.

The Creeper was still in a manic thrashing rage and I when in. He bellowed again when my axe took a chunk out of his chest.

But then he stopped. The screaming stopped, and as I pulled my axe back to strike again, The Creeper drew himself up to his full height and looked down at me with his glowing red eyes. “I’ll live to regenerate all these wounds, “ he said in a harsh whisper, “BUT YOU WON’T!”

He emphasized his last words with a massive kick that sent the air. Under my broken ribs air gushing from my lungs, while my body went swirling. The world circled me. Grey, green, gray, green, then suddenly black as my broken body crashed against the rocky cliff.

Angry red spots appeared before my eyes. I had heard a loud crack, but couldn’t even be sure which part of me was worse off. My whole body felt like a garbage bag full of hamburger.

And then The Creeper came at me.

He wasn’t looking to good either, but still good enough to finish me off. My face was battered and swollen and I could only see through one eye.  I searched for my axe, but I don’t think I was going to find it in time. I grabbed a hunting knife out of my jacket, but it tumbled from my fingers before I could close my fist and clattered onto the pavement with a metal clang.

The Creeper was before me and reached down with a grin, so twisted that would have killed babies. His arm was outstretched and he almost had me when an SUV hit its lower forearm going at least sixty. The resulting snap was so loud, it left my ears ringing.

I saw the car for a moment before it began rolling wildly and I thought I recognized it, but right then I had other worries. The giant Caradon was now on his knees and I rushed forward. While The Creeper wailed like his soul was already being eaten in Hell, I spied my fallen axe. I picked it up just long enough to heave it at the bastard’s face. The meaty thunk I heard was most satisfying.

Then while The Creeper was still distracted. I leapt up grabbing his broken arm. His cries increased in volume, but were ignored, while I began to thrust the splintered end of the monster’s forearm towards his face. Creeper screamed out as the jagged end cut into his neck, but I just kept pushing and pushing until it burst through the far side with a spray of congealed blood.

The Creeper began to go into his death thrashes. When this happened, I was once again flung madly. This time I hit the water. The cold river jarred me awake, but then I began to lose my battle with consciousness. As I sunk slowly into the deep river, I only hoped that my death hadn’t been in vain and I had at least been able to take The Creeper with me. And that was my last thought as the cold wet darkness claimed me.

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