New Beginning, Same Story

October 12, 2010

The cold surrounded me as I slowly sunk into the Deloris River. Even its frigid depths couldn’t insure my consciousness and the current pulled me down.

Darkness, it claimed me.

I had a vague feeling. A vision perhaps.

Movement. Embracing a light. Was this it? Had I joined Yig?

I jerked upright–it felt like my body tore in half. Falling back with a gasp of pain, I struggled just to breath. Everything hurt. “I guess I’m not dead then.”

I managed to look around. It looked like I was A: In a hotel room. B: Alone. The sheets felt clean, other than the blood stains. Threads of agony moved through my arm, but I was able to lift an ashtray. Tomahawk Motel. “Okay.”

Looking around, I saw a few weapons leaning against the wall, which included my monster axe. Part of me figured this was a good sign, but another part of me wanted to drag my sorry ass over to the pile. Then I heard Ethan snoring. Oh man, gross, he was laying right beside me.

If anything he looked worse than I felt. I spotted a second bed. It looked like it had been slept in. “What the…”

Then Kimberly walked out of the bathroom. She wasn’t wearing very much.

“Holy shit, Kim!”

Maybe I should break this down. Not all of you have heard, but I meet Ellis and Kimberly on an ill fated evening in Western Texas. We fought more than our share of the Xemmoni race know as the Rezanni. These things were like Lovecraft’s Deep Ones on crack and they had… well, I might tell you the whole story sometime.

“Jack, are you alright?” She said, while lifting the towel she had wrapped around her tight body a little higher.

“Why are you here? Is Ellis here too?” He was going to ask more questions, but she held up her hand.

“Of course Ellis is here. We saved you.” She smiled and Jack was happy to at least have a few friends in this world. “And we found you because of the posts, silly. I mean your posting the damn things every week, scaring the hell out of me most of the time. But this last battle with The Creeper… We weren’t sure you were going to make it. Ellis said we had to come here.”

She moved closer. “But I wanted to come, Jack. We are so worried about you. Do you ever stop?”

Just then Ellis walked in carrying a few bags of food. “Buddy,” he yelled and rushed forward. The food was left on the other bed and he quickly shook my hand. A broad smile covered his face when he said. “I’m so glad to see you made it okay. You are okay, right?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I think you had better fill me in on what happened.”

The Ellis rubbed his goatee for a moment and then opened a beer before sitting on his bed. “Not much to tell. After we got here, and I saw what you were facing. I just said screw it and rammed that Xemmoni full speed. Lost my car. We’re driving yours by way. Ethan here, yeah he woke up once, is pretty bad off too. We brought you back to Cortez. We didn’t know what to do.”

Kimberly elbowed her husband. “Oh yeah, it was Kimberly that pulled you out of the river.” She was beaming.

“Could you guys keep it down. And why am I stuck sharing a bed with this guy?” Ethan’s voice interrupted.

And that was when the door was kicked in!!!

Interested in seeing more???? Grab yourself a copy here!!!!

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