Flames, Blades, and Blood

October 19, 2010

I healed myself without thinking, using the majority of my refueled Ki. Two Darcarre came racing into the room before Ellis was even able to push the half naked Kimberly back into the bathroom. Ethan tried to scramble out of his bed, but only succeeded in becoming tangled in the blankets and falling to the floor.

“Whelp of Yig!” one cried. “You think the Darcarre can’t track you?” The talker was rushing me and besides his two foot machete, the rest of him was covered in a flowing black robe. The second hacked down at the entangled Ethan and my ally screamed as an arc of crimson sprayed the bed.

“Take them alive!” I bellowed.

“Take us alive, you are bigger fool that I expected. I-”

His statement was cut short when I rammed him with the hotel table. The Darcarre made to slice at me, but I was using the table as a shield and the blade only splintered its edge. Next the Darcarre was smashed between the table and the wall with a snapping of ribs. When the Xemmoni crashed to the floor, I kicked him in the jaw.

“Oh damn, that hurts without my boots on.”

“Jack help!” Ethan was crying. I watched helplessly as the freak hacked Ethan again and the Stalwart panicked. That was when the Darcarre as well as half the room became engulfed in flame.

“Oh Crap” I cursed and then heaved the table at the pillar of flame that the Darcarre had become. He tumbled over with a howl.

“You dare to turn your back on me,” the other Darcarre hissed. “We are the masters of healing and will-” For the second time his diatribe was disrupted by furniture, when Ellis shattered a chair against the back of his head. Meanwhile, Ethan had snatched up the flaming Darcarre’s fallen machete and was hacking his burning body to pieces with it.

“I guess will be questioning this one,” I said, as flame and smoke assaulted me.

“This is bad Jack,” Ellis said, looking through the window. “They stole our car.”

“Then hopefully this was the guy with the keys.” The Darcarre was starting to heal himself, so I grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and his belt and then rammed his forehead into the doorframe. The was a loud crack and the man went limp. “Ellis, get your girl and as many weapons as you can. Ethan are you with us?”

“I can walk, but I’m hurting real bad.”

“Then make for that black van. Psss and they call us predictable.” I was the first to get to the van I flung open the sidedoor and tossed the Darcarre inside. Ethan was wearing only a pair of jeans and his upper body was covered in blood. “Get in and here,” I tore the robe off the unconscious Darcarre. “Use this to bind those damn wounds.”

Kimberly was already climbing into the front seat by the time I found the keys. Thank Yig for small blessings. Ellis jumped into the back with an armful of gear. Just as the first sirens were nearing.

“Cities suck,” I grumbled and then started the van.

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