New Explosions and Old Friends

October 26, 2010

So I was driving a black van that I’d never been inside and was racing away from the roaring fire that Ethan had been forced to start in order to remain in the land of the breathing.

Cops and sirens seemed to be appearing from everywhere and is was all I could do to stay a block ahead of them. Left, left, right, left. The back streets of Cortez were quickly becoming a maze, but the sirens were falling into the back ground. Perhaps we were going to make it through-

“Jack,” Ellis called out. My recently acquired friend had finished binding the unconscious Darcarre and was working to insure that Ethan didn’t bleed to death in the back of the van. “We have another van following us. It looks like the one we are in!”

“Damn it! More Darcarre,” escaped from my lips, which was followed by curses that I won’t bother to repeat here. Those curses redoubled in ferocity when our van engine suddenly died. “They must have a Gloom in there! Crap.”

The sounds of cackling reached our ears as the van started to slow. Panic was written all over Kimberly’s face and her words erupted quickly. “Jack, what’re we going to do? We can’t fight all these people and Ethan is too injured to move. And there is no way we can take our hostage now. And we will-”

There was a titanic crash behind us and suddenly our engine’s power returned. Even though we could move again, I slammed on the breaks. “What the hell just happened?”

“A big tow truck just smashed into them. Someone is getting out. It looks like a chick with long blonde hair.”


And it was. I remained frozen in shock as she paused only long enough to toss some dynamite into the ruined van, before jogging up to us.

“We have to go,” she said, “that bundle has a short fuse.”

With one arm, I hauled her slim form into the van and we made it eighty feet before Cortez was rocked with a second explosion.

Smoke spiraled into the sky behind us, as I turned towards Hannah. “What is going on? How did you escape?”

“Who said I escaped.”

“What, then how-”

“We’ll take care of that later. For now I suggest you drive.” I was so confused, but then she flashed her smile that I had grown to love. “I hear Durango is nice this time of year.”

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