And now for the real Danger

November 1, 2010

Ellis took over driving, while I climbed into the back with Ethan, who had lost consciousness, our Darcarre prisoner, who was probably playing at still being unconscious, and our recently returned Hannah.

Once I was able to give the woman a long tight hug, I went to arms distance and took her in. Besides a layer of dirt, she was as beautiful as ever. Her hair was still a testament to Apollo’s glory and her smile could melt glaciers.

I gave her another hug before asking, “What happened? We were setting off to rescue you!”

“Klich, and his few remaining, figured you weren’t the right man to keep as an enemy and actually kept their word.” She smiled. “You killed The Creeper. That was their bargain. They let me go.”

“I’ve never know anything to go so easy with the Xemmoni. What do they want?”

She laughed. “For one, they just want you to leave them alone. You scare the hell out of them. And that isn’t easy to do to a Darcarre. I learned a bit more about this war against your enemy and were the lines are drawn against the ranks of the Xemmoni, but I’m too tired to go into now. Right now, some more of those hugs would be nice. I’ve been through a good slice of Hell myself.”

Who was I to say no and for a while we just talked. Although chatting beside two bloody men, in a bouncing van, might not be the most romantic of spots.

Like most things, this quite moment wasn’t allowed to last long. “I assume we’re heading to Durango?” Ellis called over his shoulder.

“Yeah, any reason for that by the way?”

“Yes,” she said, flinging a stray strand of gold over her shoulder. “But I think you might be better off asking this one.” She kicked out with her boot, smacking the Darcarre in the ribs. “I know you’re awake, dumb-ass. Tell us what you know about Chimney Rock.”

“Screw you. It sounds like you are already so bloody intelligent, what in the Abyss do you- umgghhhhh!”

“Answer to question. Remember, The Creep. I was the guy that hit him with a tree. I’m also not well known for my patience.”

“What rock was it again? Ahhhgggggg”

“We don’t have time for this,” Hannah said. “I’ll give you the outline and you can fill in the blanks with this loser later. The Darcarre that support Vincent Drake, Darken, or whatever you want to call him are planning to perform a ceremony at Chimney Rock. The full moon raises between the twin pinnacles only once every eighteen years. But also and much less know fact is that every twenty years there is a night where the moon is swallowed by the twin spires. On this night, the Anasazi claimed that darkness would be allowed to run loose and could even swallow all of humanity when the stars are right.”

“The full moon is in only three days,” Kimberly said, looking at them and then back at her husband.

“Well then it sounds like we have some serious work to do.” I said and watched the town of Durango spread out below us.

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