One Man Mosh Pit

November 15, 2010

“Keep going,” I shouted. “Take them as deep into the forest as you can.”

Even as I said this, I realized that we weren’t in much of a forest yet. The van was still in PJ country where I would have preferred to be surrounded by pine. Still one must play with the cards you have been dealt, unless you are bluffing, which is something I’ve been known to do. 

As I moved to the back of the van, our prisoner sat up and breathed a jet of darkness into my chest. I cried out in agony as the inky smoke burned at me staining both my clothes and flesh black. 

Grabbing up my axe, even while I was letting loose a string of curses that would have made The Creeper blush; I brought down the flat side of my massive weapon on the top of this head. He crumbled like wet paper in a hail storm. 

“Stupid idiot,” Ethan mumbled. “You want me to smoke him?” 

“No, I might still need him. But how about those tires? You think you could melt them for me?”

“Sorry boss. I’m not Elcore. And before you ask, I’m not talented enough to ignite those gas tanks either.”

“Fine, we’ll just do this the old fashion way then.” We were getting into the pines now, so I yelled, “Take that left over there,” and then almost regretted it when a bump had my head banging on the roof of the van and Ethan moaning beside me.

“Screw this,” I said, to myself and moved over to the side door. Throwing it open was easy. Grabbing onto a branch as we passed nearly broke off my arm. Despite my pain, I was able to climb up the tree before the first van came around a bend in the forest. 

Quickly positioning on a branch stretching over the road, I readied myself. The van approached. At the last moment, I swung down, letting my boots lead the way. The front window exploded into a jagged rain and then I was in through thrashing in a whirlwind of boots, elbows, and fists.

Then it was the van’s turn to become a whirlwind, as the driver lost control, and it began to roll. The havoc only increased when the second van plowed into us. The Darcarre where yelling and cursing, but despite my pain and being covered in blood, I continued to lash out.

My hands filled with random pieces of flesh and I tore and twisted my way past the screams. I think a knife took me in the back and its owner was rewarded with an elbow to the nose. I grabbed another Darcarre and used his body to try to batter my way out the back doors. They were jammed and his body gave out before I could open them. The other Xemmoni had seen enough and attempted to flee, which brought them straight into the Magickal attacks lunched by Hannah and Ethan. Soon I added my own powers to the mix and Yig’s servants, the trees, grabbed and tore at the injured Darcarre. 

I was blooded, but unbowed, as I raced out after them, but I need not have bothered. My allies had put the others to task and the remaining Darcarre lay in black smoking piles. 

“Jack, are you okay?” Hannah said, rushing forward.

“Yeah sure,” I said, but then fell to my knees.

I wasn’t sure what was wrong until I saw that I had about a foot of blade protruding through my ribs. I’d been lanced by a sword!

“Damn back stabbers,” I managed to get out before the darkness claimed me.

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