Apocalypse minus one

November 30, 2010

Darkness had claimed the forests of Colorado. We risked a fire, since at this point I welcomed any attack that could come our way. The woods would help protect us and we needed to axe as many of the Xemmoni as we could before their big apocalypse party tomorrow.

I was just tossing another log on the roaring blaze, when that damn prisoner of ours began to laugh again. “Can’t we just kill him?” Ethan asked.

“For once, I agreed with octopus hands,” Hannah grumbled, while driving a magazine back into the assault rifle she had picked up somewhere.

“Fools. You’re surrounded. My brothers have come. There will be no escape for you this time!”

Getting up, I let my monster sized axe fill my hands. “Well, thanks for the warning, you dumb ass. You are about as smart as a pile of loose gravel aren’t you, Bucky?”

“I, ah… Damn it!”

“Hold your fire,” a strangely familiar voice called to us from down the dark road. A moment later two Darcarre came into the ring of illumination created from our fire.

“Oh man, these guys again,” Ethan groaned.

Walking forward, I threw my axe over my shoulder and tried not to let them see how wounded I still was. “Klich, thanks for letting Hannah go, although now I expect you may have done it so you could track us. Babe, check yourself for a tracker. And Ink, I guess you made it out of that mess.”

“With them all chasing you, it wasn’t too hard. Ebb, however, wasn’t as lucky.”

My allies all had my back, save for Kimberly who was keeping a rather large steak knife pressed against Bucky’s throat.

“I found it, Jack,” Hannah cried out. “It was in my hair.”

“That figures. So what are you guys here for this time?”

Klich stopped a few yards before me and drew back his black hood, which was nearly as dark as his long mane of hair. “We’re here to help you this time.”

Ellis spoke up. “I might not be an expert on these things, but if you guys worship darkness, why would you be against plunging the world into, um… darkness?”

“Because the main power from the transformation will be in the hands of Vile’s Alliance, our enemies. If their power is increased twenty fold, we are as good as dust.”

Shaking his hand, I said, “okay you’re in, but one two conditions. I’m boss and we do this my way.”

“I assume this means you have a way.”

“Not yet, but we are working on it. And aren’t you the only Xemmoni race that can heal? Because I have this little twinge I’d like you to take care of for me.”

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