The First Night in an Eternity of Darkness

December 14, 2010

Being one with Yig has odd advantages, like being able to stretch a piece of bark so wide that it can create a giant map. Since I knew we still had some time before moonrise, I waited until darkness before over viewing my strategies. Those Darcarre can be such pansies.

“Alright, I’ve had all day to think this through and I’ve also reviewed the terrain we will be heading over. I’m also fairly confident that Vile’s Darcarre don’t know we have Hannah back, so she will be my Ace in the hole.”

She rewarded me with a smile.

“First off, Klich, I want you to pick four of your men. They don’t have to be your best men, just make sure they know how to drive. Now this is how its going to go. I want to keep them in the dark,” that made Klich smile, “about how many we are. For all they know it’s just Ethan and I and that’s the way I want to keep it.”

Looking around for a moment, I then continued. “So to start, Ethan and I will be heading up the main dirt road to the site, alone.”

“Oh crap,” Ethan replied before burying his face in his hands.

After gasping, Hannah cried, “Jack no!”

“Don’t worry, you’ll have my back, baby.”

She crossed her arms. “Good.”

“This is how I see it. Ethan and I head up. They will have guards and they will try to waste us. When they do, Ethan and I will make enough noise to cover the vans racing up the road behind us. These will be driven by your boys. And you Darcarre are immune to your own Black Veins Bestow, right?”

“Oh yeah,” Klich answered. “But where will me and the other loyals be?”

“I’m getting to that. So your men crash their vans into the guards. They will be taking us pretty seriously by now, especially when Hannah starts blasting them with her holy light. Those dark lovers will be sure to hate that. But Hannah, don’t attack to early, no matter what is happening, because your job is to make sure we are all able to get into the van that Ellis will be driving.”

“I will?”

“Yep,” I smiled. “And you will be taking us to the top. Because I’m sure Klich is going to need us, because as you can see there is a trail that heads up the northern side of the mountain here.”

“You want the twenty of us to take on two hundred?”

“No and there won’t be two hundred by that point. I want them to think that your group has been sent to stop them.” There was one more smile from me. “But this is a double ruse, while they switch their attentions from me to you, thinking you are the real threat now. I will be me driving right up on their asses throwing their party straight into Hell!”

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