Drowning in the Darkness

December 21, 2010

There wasn’t even a sliver of moon to illuminate the old dirt road as we slowly trudged up the mountain. At first Ethan had been his usual yappy self, but soon he saved his breath for walking and only the crunch of gravel under our boots could be heard. Now and then the hidden form of Hannah could be sensed as she crept through the wood to our right, doing her best to mirror our movements.

There had been a few guards at the base of the hill, near the ranger station, but we had already taken them out without much problem.

“So how far is it to the top?” Ethan panted. I could tell that exercise and the man of Loki weren’t on a first name basis.

“Somewhere around four miles,” I answered without much enthusiasm. My senses were trying to stay alert to any changes in our environment and this paid off when I noticed an area ahead of us that was far too black. The darkness was moving like a living thing and with the speed of a thousand bats it was suddenly sweeping down upon us. I had thought that it was some Darcarre using this darkness as a shield. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

When the inky blackness crashed into us, I discovered it was a living thing, a horrid beast. A slashing whirlwind of talon, claw, and fang.

Ethan didn’t hold back his stream of curses or his explosive fire technique. I was happy to hear the undulating thing roar in pain, but also knew that the light of Ethan’s flaming attack would insure that the rest of the Darcarre would know of our presence.

The game was on.

Still, nothing would matter, and the world itself would die, if we let this beast get the better of us, which seemed to be a real possibility.

Jagged shards of darkness tore away from the colossal flapping thing with each swing of my axe. But despite this, inky tendrils began to wrap around my limbs. Like some sort of Herculean curse, I would chop one off, only to have it replaced by two.

Claws clung to my clothes and fangs embedded into my flesh. Then with a startled gasp, I felt myself being drawn into the air. Like a distance dream, I heard Hannah and Ethan calling out to me as the foul monstrosity flew away from the Earth, taking me with it.

So much for that damn plan I worked so hard on.

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