Drowning in the Darkness Part II

December 27, 2010

What hurts more than being engulfed by a giant ebony cloud of claws, talons, and fangs… being dropped about three stories onto a stone slab?

Sure I could have healed myself, but then I figured the Darcarre swarming around me would just feel obligated to hurt me, so I held off, despite the screams of pain running through me.

So, after I shoved my dislocated arm back into its socket, I tried to take in my surroundings and, of course, wasn’t pleased. I was on a narrow piece of stone that jutted out from the jagged stony mesa. A thin pathway, with a quarter mile drop off on each side, separated me from the undulating swarms of Xemmoni. Most were Darcarre, but I could spy the wispy shapes of Glooms and the mangled Caradon dotting their midst.

Directly around me, must have been their high priests or whatever the hell they might call them. Ten men in long billowing robes of darkness stood around a central figure who drew back his hood. A savage unkempt mane of hair and beard surrounded wild bloodshot eyes, which burned with the fever of madness.

That was when something strange happened. I swear I’d never met or ever seen this man before, but I somehow knew his name, “Edgar,” I hissed.

“Correct, my tainted Stalwart.”

“Tainted,” I growled, “no one calls me-”

“Silence!” He shouted. “You were not brought here for you pathetic Stalwart diatribe.” As he spoke, thick tendrils of blackness were forming. Before I could do much more than flip him the bird, I was engulfed with these whipping tentacles and was bound securely to the cold stone altar.

Sweeping his arm to the east, I could just make out the two spires of chimney rock, a greater darkness stabbing into the moonless sky.

“You can’t see our black moon, can you Stalwart, but be assured it is out there. Your life is now being measured in minutes, for as soon as the stygian moon rises between the peaks the last stage of the ritual will be complete.”

He leaned in close enough for me to smell his foul breath. “For the final stage of this Bestow, we need a powerful Stalwart’s blood to complete the ritual and who’s better to use that someone associated with our Dark Lord Vile. This will be one world that shall be free of you, everywhere man of Yig.”

Despite my current level of danger, I was wondering what the hell he was talking about. What taint, what association, and what did he mean about one world being free of me? This was insane. Well, uh, duh of course this was insane.

As I healed myself, I wondered if maybe I was the one that was insane, because I was still plotting on how I was going to escape. Although when I gazed down the shear walks on all sides except for the narrow walkway back to the mesa that held hundreds of Xemmoni, nothing was really coming to mind.

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