One Down, Two Hundred to Go

January 3, 2011

Edgar’s black tendrils tightened their coils around every inch of my body. As I lay there on the altar, unable to move and surrounded by hundreds of Xemmoni, even my crafty mind was having a difficult time figuring out how I was going to get out of this one. The thing was, if I didn’t figure out how to escape it wouldn’t much matter because I would be as doomed as the rest of the world when the Darcarre’s ritual was completed.

 However, since they needed to sacrifice me to finish their horrid Bestow, I supposed I’d be the first to go.

 A giant Darcarre, wielding an even bigger sword, addressed Edgar in a voice that sounded like a boulder being pulled from tar. “When do I get to chop him, boss?”

 “Silence fool. It has to be after the Moon rises between the twin peaks of Chimney Rock or the whole spell will be useless.”

 Edgar went on to fiddle with a few ingredients. He mumbled to himself and then splashed a glass of cold blood into my face. I silently steamed and I continued to fight against my ebony bonds. These guys were really starting to tick me off.

 The minutes dragged by with little changes. I heard the constant murmur of the waiting crowd and wondered where my allies were. Shouldn’t they be making some attempt to attack there scum by now? Hannah and Ethan were on the south side of the mountain, while Klich, Ink, and the Splinter Darcarre were on the north. Sure they were helplessly outnumbered, but since the alternative was the death of the world as we knew it, wouldn’t it be better to try something, instead of…

 Wait. I sensed a disturbance and then I noticed a blinding light.

 All around me the Darcarre began to hiss and cover their eyes. Then birds were everywhere laying into them. Some were the size of eagles, while others were tiny sparrows, but regardless of size they were flying into the Xemmoni with a fierce rage. The Xemmoni were thrown into chaos, but it didn’t last long. Waves of darkness flew out against the flocks and they dropped the birds by the dozens. Any loss of animal life dug at me and I would have cursed if I wasn’t gagged by the tentacles of inky darkness.

 Then the pinnacle of stone that held me and the Darcarre elite was hit by a blast of holy light. They screamed and howled, but more importantly my binds began to dissipate.

 “He will escape master. Should we slay him?”

 “By the darkest pits of the Abyss, no! It’s still too soon, but make sure he can’t escape.”

 “I think it’s too late for that,” I growled and with a kick to the knuckles, I sent the big lug’s sword flying out of his hand. Lunching to me feet, I caught the sword as it fell and then a second kick sent their executioner tumbled off the cliff face with a long drawn out wail.

“Alright you dogs, let’s see how well you do against a freed man of Yig!” I called out. Still, despite of my monstrous boast, the Darcarre turned towards me as smoke poured off their bodies.

 Great one down, two hundred to go.

Like to find out how all of Jack’s adventure’s started? Click here!!!

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