Just One Life to Give

January 10, 2011

I still had the executioner’s oversized sword and I began to hack into the Darcarre, even as Hell broke out on either side of the encampment. Hannah and Ethan were blasting the Xemmoni with their light and fire attacks while, what was most likely Ellis, was leading a crash, of three black vans, straight into their ranks.

 Somewhat surprisingly, Klich and Ink remained true to their word and were assaulting the Dark Alliance from the north. Since most of their Bestows didn’t work on other members of their Xemmoni species, it looked like there were making a physical assault on the backs of the Alliance’s ranks and the clash of weapons rang like thunder in the still night.

 The Darcarre were surrounded, in some respects, but we were still out numbered nearly ten to one and the real issue was my personal safety. Or at least for me it was the real issue.

 I had already cut down two Darcarre and tossed another over the cliff, when their horrid Black Vein Bestows began to slam into me. My fortitude of Yig was the only thing that kept me from perishing instantly. As it was, threads of darkness traveled over my skin. Where they grew thicker, they actually bust open tearing through my flesh and bringing forth waves of agony.

 I wavered, but when two more Darcarre rushed me, one lost a head while the other joined his fellows in the growing pile of bodies at the base of the cliff.

 Then Edgar’s voice rang out. “Fools, we need him alive to complete the ritual, cease your Magicks!”

 The Darcarre seemed uncertain. No one wanted to be the first to charge at me and my gore covered sword. In the distance, the chaos of battle ruled the night.

 “Cowards,” Edgar screamed and then once again the black tendrils of his ensnarement Bestow began to close around me. With an angry roar, I slashed at them, cutting the black ribbons and any Darcarre foolish enough to move within reach. But there were too many and soon I was being overwhelmed.

 Edgar drew closer and his men began to dare to approach. “The dead moon will soon rise and none of your paltry efforts  will matter in the slightest. Any of your allies both light and dark will be swept away as soon as your blood is spilt!”

“Well in that case…” I began to say, but I was already transforming. The dark tentacles tried to constrict, but found themselves grasping empty air as my body shrunk smaller and smaller and my arms and legs disappeared.

 “What is happening?” one of the Darcarre yelled.

 “He’s become a snake, you idiot. Now grab him before…”

 But it was too late for them. If it cost me my own life to save the Earth, so be it. Without a backwards glance, I shot my serpentine body over the edge of the cliff and began to plunge toward the rocks below.

 Yig be praised.

Would you like to find out how Jack’s Adventures started, grab it for yourself here.

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