Killing Yourself to Live

January 31, 2011

I was falling to my death.

 Thoughts, such as trying to land my serpent self on a Darcarre’s body, tore through my mind. But even if some miracle happened and I wasn’t killed, I’d be all but dead and at the bottom of the cliff face, helpless to stop the ritual that was about to destroy the world and plunge it into an Apocalypse of never-ending darkness.  

 I clenched my fangs as the ground rushed up to met me. This was going to be nasty.

 Then, quite suddenly, talons were raking at me. At first, I thought it was an attack and wondered why anything would bother, but then I felt myself being lifted. Gazing up, I saw that a falcon of some kind had a grip on me and was trying to gain altitude.

 Ohhhh, Hail Yig!!!!!!!! 

I was still in the game.

I must have been heavy for the little guy; for he was struggling to get me back up to the top of the cliff face and we had a long way to go. Another frustrating thing was that since snakes are deaf, I really had no clue as to what was happening up there. I could only wait as the falcon beat his wings as quickly as he could.

We were getting closer. I’d seen a couple men topple over the side and a few stray weapons had whizzed past us. My frustration grew and being a snake had never been such an obstacle. 

When at last we rose above the cliff face, it still took agonizingly too long for us to climb above the fray. Then, I could at last see the battle below, and I wasn’t pleased.

Of my allies there was no sign and the few remaining Splinter Darcarre seemed to be in full retreat. From the looks of things, my compatriots may have killed a good two thirds of our enemy, but that wasn’t enough and a good eighty or so Dark Alliance Xemmoni still polluted the holy ground of the Anasazi.

Then I saw a yellow flash and my worst fears were made flesh.

Edgar was chanting below me and on the pedestal, that so recently held my bound form, was Hannah.

The falcon didn’t need to be told what to do. It was already starting to circle its master. I got ready. Then, after a deep breath, I began to transform. It didn’t take long for the falcon to loss its grip and for the second time that night as was plummeting, although this time, I knew how I was going to break my fall.

What to get in on how Jack began his adventures? Check it out here !!!!

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