Flying Maggots of Undulating Death

February 14, 2011

Edgar’s dagger flashed up, ready to use Hannah’s sacrifice as a way to keep his insane gateway to the Migo world open and make our Earth a foul dark hell.

 I had already begun an altered version of my ‘Man to Snake’ Spell, and the goons restraining me cried out when my arms disappeared and they were left holding my leather as I lunged forward.

 I willed my arms to grow back, but there might not have been enough time, so my boot took Edgar in the center of the chest. Edgar’s eyes grew large and he cart wheeled his arms for a moment trying to balance himself. Then the dagger slipped from his fingers as he begun to topple backwards. With a long drawn out wail, he tumbled from the high cliff.

 Myself and about fifty Darcarre watched their leader fall, but before he hit bottom, his body exploded into two hundred flapped bat-sized pieces of darkness and flew off in a dozen directions.

 “Crap, I hate it when they don’t die!”

 My arms were back now, but this might not do me much good with the Darcarre blocking me from any sort of freedom and over a hundred Migo undulating, maggot white, against the bleak night sky.

 I snatched up the dagger and set in to cutting Hannah’s bonds, but the Darcarre were already coming at me. Things weren’t looking good, until suddenly they backed off. I wasn’t sure why I was blessed with this good fortune, until I realized there was nothing good about it at all.

 Tentacles lashed and snapped as a full twenty Migo began to fly toward the altar. I looked down the cliff and almost jumped again, but figured that would put me into their clutches. So instead, I chopped at the remainder of the ropes that held Hannah. She was finally coming to.

 “Wake up, baby; we have some work to do.”

 “What is it this time?”

We have to figure a way to fight through a hundred Xemmoni while we have about that many Migo at our backs, we are both spent, and all we have is this dagger.”

 “I’ve always liked a challenge.” She said, while somehow managing a smile.

Want to get in on how Jack began his adventures? Check it out here!!!!

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