The Lesser of Five Evils

February 21, 2011

We have three races of Xemmoni on one side of us, a hundred strong, pushing us back towards a cliff face with an 800 foot drop, while an equal number of the horrid undulating death knows as the Migo blot out the stars with their flying maggoty shapes. Their shrill flutish speech could very well drive us insane before either group reaches even us.

 The Xemmoni draw back in awe, more than happy to witness the Migo finish our days.

 The flying horde hovers closer; they are a true horror to behold. Segments of skin, the color of a dead fish’s belly, divided their long body like a worm. Wings that seem too small to hold up a creature a third their size beat frantically, while each of their fungoid bodies sprouts a flailing mass of tentacles.

 “We’re screwed.”

 Then one is crying out and plunging to its death below. “Did that thing just get hit by a spear?”

 There is a black puff, like antimatter being beaten out of a dirty rug and a haggard figure with a full beard and a wild head of hair is standing between us. “I hate the fucking Migo,” he hisses, as a flying spear returns to the ledge and he plucks it from the air.

 Then, turning towards us, he says, “hold on tight!”

 There is a moment of ultimate darkness and then suddenly, we are warm. Not only that, we’re in some battered wooden room, with a messy bed, a half full bottle of wine, and a glowing wood stove.

 “Where the Hell are we?” I demand.

 Hannah’s hand fills with the wine bottle and she looks like she is about to smash it over this guy’s head. “Yeah, what have you done to us?”

 Now that I have a second to take in this spear-man, I see that he is looking rather ratty, wearing not only black, but ripped layer after layer of half destroyed jackets and stranger garments.

 “Wearing all black, huh,” I say. “What’re you another of those Splinter Darcarre?”

 He spits on the floor. “Watch what you say. I’ve killed people for less. I hate them almost as much as the Migo, wait… I might hate them more.”

 I take a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Okay bub, you might have, probably did, just save us, but we still tend to ask a question or two… when… we…find…”

 My voice trailed off when Hannah opened the mangled rust colored curtain and reveled the sight of a volcano erupting in the distance, but I barely noticed this for my eyes were glued to the dim blood-red sun that was about half the size of the one I’ve been seeing every other day of my life.

 “What the hell…”

 “Careful what you say,” Hannah broke in. “We might already be there.”

 The stranger actually grinned. “I assure you that you reside in no such place. You are on the planet Lokis and I am Devo Devins.”

 “Why does that name sound so familiar?”

 “It should or perhaps it shouldn’t, on my world, or at least what I consider my world, you were one of my allies.”

I stumble back until only the wall is holding me up. Visions burst into my consciousness unbidden. I see myself, fighting with a strange sea of unknown allies, but they are yet so familiar. I see villains, the same I have fought at times and also some completely different.

 “You are starting to understand,” Devo says with a humorless grin, and that is the last thing I remember before the visions overtake me and my world goes dark.

Want to get in on how Jack began his adventures? Check it out here!!!!

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