Lingering on Lokis

March 1, 2011

I awoke to find Devo gone.

Hannah hurried over and brushed my hair back from my forehead as she offered me a drink. I coughed when I tasted wine. I had been expecting water.

“Sorry honey, it was all that was here.”

I tiffed. “We don’t even know where here is. What did that guy do to me, anyways? I had some crazy assed dreams. I was drinking a beer with Phillip Brownhurst and Jim Morrison and they were trying to explain what his lyric follow the snake meant. It doesn’t get much stranger than that.”

She just stared.

“Have you heard of Devo? Did his name ring a bell for you?”

“I seemed to, but I’m not sure from where. But he’s of Tezcatlipoca the darkest of the Stalwart Gods, so what can you expect?”

“Oh, I’ve met one of those,” I said. while managing to move so I could sit up on the edge of the bed. My twenty-six or so wounds where coming back to haunt me and I had obviously not sleep long enough to regain my Ki.

 “Just one, you are lucky. I’ve had to deal with a few. It’s never easy.” She helped herself to a long pull on the wine and then handed it back to me. It went down easy this time.

“So why the hell are we here? This guy could have just teleported us to Cortez or something. Then we could have been saved, but at least still be in the action.”

“I guess he wanted us to heal. He said that Lokis was moving at a different speed than our Earth. We can heal and get ready for days here, but only minutes will be passing on our planet.”

“Shit, Ethan might not even have minutes.”

“There would have been nothing we could have done for him,” she said, while joining me on the edge of the bed. “At best we could have just sacrificed ourselves to buy him a few minutes. What good would have that done?”

I rubbed her back. For a warrior, she was still so soft. My hand went up under her shirt. She was even softer there.

Her eyes met mine. “This is the first time we’ve been alone someplace with a bed for a long while.” Her voice was a whisper, like she was worried that just speaking would dispel the illusion.

“True. So we really have a few days?”

“That was what he said.”

“In that case, I think I know how I want to start my recovery.”

“What about your wounds?”

“Screw my wounds, come here little one. In the immortal words of Bruce Campbell, give me some sugar baby.”

 She giggled until my mouth covered hers.

Want to get in on how Jack began his adventures? Check it out here!!!!

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