Warrior of the Earth

March 8, 2011

“I can’t help but think we’re just wasting our time here, while the Alliance of Evil, or whatever the hell they call themselves, is getting stronger. If nothing else, even if they didn’t destroy the whole world, they have a hundred Migo. From what I heard you and I would be hard pressed just to kill just one. A hundred could easily take us all out.”

“Oh come on, handsome,” Hannah purred, while she clung to my arm. “Didn’t you have any fun last night at all? I, at least, enjoyed having you to myself for a while.”

I couldn’t help but smile. “Yes baby, of course that was nice, but our little roll-a-bed left me feeling guiltier than before. I’m the type of guy that likes to reward myself after the job is done, not before it has barely started.”

She huffed. “When it comes to the Xemmoni, the job is never done and at the risk of sounding like a Bacca-nut, I think that even we deserve a little fun here and there.”

“You’re right, but I’m a warrior of the Earth, our Earth. Being here on Lokis, just seems wrong.” A sweep of his hand took in the strange mixture of medieval villas and shops, which was juxtaposed with dashes of uber-tech. In the corner of the horizon, the planet’s wane sun never disrupted the darkness on this world of thieves.

“You grump. Let’s do what Devo suggested and grab ourselves some goodies while we’re here. Some people claim that Lokis has some of the best shopping in the Multi-verse.”

“Ergg, my planet is being destroyed and I’m stuck shopping. How could things—what the hell! Ethan what are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here?” Their scarlet friend smiled as he strolled over to them. “I live here, at least some of the time.”

“Never mind that. What’s happening back on Earth? What went down after Devo snatched us?”

“Oh is that what happened? I should have known.” He grimaced. Jack glared. “Yeah, after you abandoned me to my own cruel fate, the Darcarre turned on us. With the Migo aiding them, we didn’t have a chance. Klich, Ink and a few of the Splinters may have escaped, but I didn’t wait to see. I er… came here just like you, I guess.”

“You can come here any time you like?”

He grinned. “Loki takes care of his own.”

Hannah’s hands were on her hips. “It probably helps them steal.”

“Never mind all that now,” Ethan said. “You have gold, right? We can get a shitload of stuff here. But first I was sent to get you.”

“By Whom?” Jack asked slowly. 

Ethan stared as his blood red boots for a moment. “It’s at the Hummingbird palace.”

“Who invited us, Ethan,” she demanded. 

“Oh, er, ah… you were invited by Elcore, you know Loki’s son.”

           Would you like to find out more about what happened to Jack and his journey to become a Stalwart? Then check out his first adventures!!!!!!!!

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