Fire to Earth

March 28, 2011

After my conversation with Elcore, I felt like I wanted to leave my head under a snow run-off waterfall for a week. But I knew another way to get my mind free of this insane discussion of my multiple incarnations and clear my head. Action. Learning the back story and intrigue was all good, but I am a warrior for the Earth. MY EARTH! And I needed to get my ass back there before these damned Migo, Darcarre, and who knew what else began to destroy that which I held most dear.

Hannah was surprised at my choice and, after another round of fiery love making, she turned toward me. “Why leave so soon, Jack? Aren’t you curious as to your true nature? If there really are ‘yous’ spread over the multi-verse, don’t you think you should try to learn more about it?”

“No…I don’t think I want to.” I paused. “Besides, what’s there to know? He said it would be a bad idea to talk to other ‘mes’, so that’s out. These other guys certainly have problems of their own and we sure as shit have ours. I’m supposed to be killing Vincent, Vile, or whatever his name is. And as soon as I get a free minute that is what I intend to do. So I might as well just get back to doing what I do best, which is ridding our world of this off planet scum.”

“You know what you need best,” she said, while gracing the room with her curvy nakedness. She moved into the bath and fired up the steam. It billowed out into the bedroom, forming a light mist over her skin. “I take it I’ll need to start packing.”

“We might be able to put it off for a few hours,” I said, before my body joined hers, disappearing in the billowing steam.

*         *        *

I was pleased to see that some of my gold had been put to good use. Both Hannah and Ethan had crazy little Star Trek phasers or lasers, or whatever strapped to their hips. I was feeling less fancy, but I had bought myself a killer pair of boots, which were reinforced with steal as well as a leather jacket lined with chainmail. It even came with matching metal lined gloves. I had never had anything near as cool as this before and hoped it would give me a little edge. Along with this, I grabbed up a monster sledge hammer, complete with a wide head on one side and a military pick on the other. My throwing knives had been replaced and filled every spare pocket and hung from my belt. Lastly, I had bought a throwing axe which also road at my belt.

I was feeling more ready than I had in a while, even if we were up against about a hundred Migo and those evil maggots are hard as hell to kill.

Elcore had come to see us off. “Are you sure you can’t stay longer Primus? There is still much we could discuss. And remember, time flows differently between our worlds. Your enemy has barely had time to leave the battlefield.” He managed a chuckle.

“If that wasn’t the case, I would have treated this as kidnapping.” I flashed him a quick grin.

“Come on, Jack.” Ethan piped in. “The people of Lokis saved you.”

“It seemed like it was Devo that saved me at the time, but I do appreciate the ability to gear up and perhaps the knowledge of my origin, even if it will be giving me sleepless nights.”

Then I shock hands with Elcore, son of Loki. “This way, just walk through the light…”

And bang, the cold wind hit us like a truck. Hannah’s arms were hugging her slim form, while Ethan was cursing up a storm. Snow littered the mountain as did nearly a hundred bodies. Disturbed ravens and vultures took to the grey skies like a black cloud of death. A freezing rain was falling.

I found the mangled van that Ellis had been driving. A quick search discovered no sign of either him or Kimberly. I was about to shout the order for the others to help search through the bodies for signs of them, when Ethan beat me to the punch. “Jack, Jack, Come here. You had better see this.”

We both hurried over to the man of Loki. “What is it?”

“How much do you know about decomposition?”

“A little, why?”

“Look at these bodies. I’d say they have been dead three days.”

Hannah spoke up. “But didn’t your people say there was a time delay?”

“Yes, but obviously something went wrong.”

“Has this happen before?” She asked, louder this time.

“No and why you asking me? I’m just a grunt. I was born on this world remember. I-” 

“Enough, it’s a mystery we can’t solve right now. All I know is that it puts us three days behind and who knows what hell they have visited here. We need to find a vehicle that works and hunt these bastards down!”

Want to get in on how Jack began his adventures? Check it out here!

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