Waiting through the Screams

April 18, 2011

The day passed slowly, without much talking, but the night was worse. We remained within the claustrophobic motel room as planned. The real trouble started when the screaming began. Even worse were the cries for help echoing through the night.

The Migo were hunting.

My teeth were grinding so hard my head ached. Ethan flinched at each tortured yell. Before long, tears were streaming down Hannah’s face. She was pleading with her eyes and soon I was forced to look away.

A series of truly horrific screams tore into the night. “Those sound like children,” Ethan whispered.

I was clutching at the back of a wooden chair. Hannah addressed me. “Jack, we can’t just sit here, we have to do something. We can’t just let those beasts kill everyone who is left!”

The chair beneath me snapped, its back exploding into splinters.

“Damn it! You two stay here. Someone has to be able to burn those bastards out if I fail and it’s your spells that can do it, not mine.”

“Wait Jack, No!” Hannah cried.

She moved to go after me, as I grabbed up my weapons and headed toward the door, but Ethan held her arm. “No he’s right. One person will be able to hide with greater ease and we have to save ourselves to torch them tomorrow.” 

But I was already out the door and into dark night.

It was painfully easy to know which way to go. I headed toward the screams.

Want to get in on how Jack began his adventures? Check it out here!

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