The fiery explosions shook the theater and almost knocked us off our feet. Human screams mixed with the frantic trilling of the foul Fungi of Yuggoth. Luckily, Ethan had set his fire traps on the far side of the building, but already smoke was pouring into the room and the crackle of flames could be heard.

The Migo had been thrown into Chaos and the Darcarre weren’t too far behind. I used these precious seconds to attempt a head count of the slime incased prisoners and counted roughly twenty cocoons.

I grabbed Hannah’s arm. “Come on, grab a body while they are distracted!” She was a half inch from panic, but did as she was told and tossed a body over her shoulder. I grabbed two and we raced toward the emergency exit.

After bursting into the welcome sunlight, I was hard pressed to want to re-enter that flame ridded dark tomb.

I did anyway.

This time Hannah and I grabbed the victims closest to the door and were able to save three more of them. Once outside, I was surprised to see the purifying rays of the sun were already dissolving the Migo’s foul mucus.

“Praise Apollo,” Hannah said, and tried to summon a smile. Then we were rushing in again.

This time, they were ready for us. I was hit with at least two Darcarre Bestows and cried out in pain when my veins began to blacken.  Tentacles lashed out at us. Grabbing and holding.

I could hear Edgar shouting. I should have known. “They are the cause of all this. Make them pay. Yes, yes! Kill them and we will be safe once more!”

I struggled and fought. A Migo shrieked when I tore a foul appendages from its body. But it was replaced with ten more. And then another Darcarre Bestow crashed into me. More tentacles grabbed me and soon my fighting was over.

“Yes, that’s it. Make them pay,” Edgar said while stepping closer. “You have impressed me more than once, Stalwart. You have caused me enough trouble for me to want to kill two hundred of your kind.” He smiled, “but I’ll be doing that anyway, starting with this pretty thing.”

“But my lord, the fire draws near,” One of this minions said.

“We’ll have enough time. Organize the rest. Have them seek cover in the nearest structure. I have things to finish here.”

 With another foul grin, he drew a long serrated dagger and advanced on Hannah.


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Hannah had freed more of the prisoners and with some of their help; most of them were heading out the emergency exit door. I was still able to hold the theater doors shut, but it was growing nearly impossible under the weight of the scores of Xemmoni trying to break through.

“Hannah, go over to the wall on your right!”

“Why? What good is-”

“Please, just do it!”

As soon as she had reached the wall, I braced myself and allowed the doors to open. Moving forward, I let the force of the opening doors help propel me toward the wall as I drew my massive war hammer off my back. Then, after taking three giant strides, I brought the hammer into the wall with a massive crash!

The wall cracked and broke, but held. A piece fell away and I could see through, but unless Hannah could become a snake too, we were screwed.

A wave of gibbering and shouts rushed toward my back. I didn’t bother to look.

“Jack, JACK! They are coming!” I had never heard her sound so scared.

“Use your light attack!”

“What want about the people?”

“If we don’t make it there, they won’t live anyway!”

With a loud yell, her last Ray of Holy Light blasted from her fingers. The Xemmoni bubbled and cursed, whimpered and twittered sickly. But I wasn’t watching. I was focusing on hammering through the wall.

Smash, Smash, Smash.

“More are coming in!”

Smash, Smash, Smash,

“They are climbing over the dead ones.”

Smash, Smash, Smash,

“Jack, they are-” but she didn’t get a chance to finish for I grabbed her arm and jerked her through the jagged opening. 

The room was dark, but I could hear the Migo that were waiting for us. Others had assumed our plan and were undulating through the doors that lead to the last group of prisoners.

Hannah had just enough time to gasp before the fiery bombs Ethan had set in place erupted into an explosive inferno!


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There was plenty of gasoline to be had inDurango. We weren’t post apocalyptic yet, but if these Migo weren’t stopped half of theU.S.could be. We helped Ethan set us the jerry cans were they would do the most good. We figured in matters of fire we would trust the wisdom of a man of Loki.

The good news was that I was able to do a bit of scouting in my snake form and found out which theaters held the prisoners and where the majority of the Migo and Xemmoni were hiding from the day.

I had my new hammer strapped to my back and an oversized crowbar filling my hands. Hannah was at my side, while Ethan waited for our word so he could start toasting these bastards on the other side of the building. We were going more high-tech than usually this time. We each had a walkie.

With a nod to my lover, I inserted the crowbar and popped open one of the emergency exits. At once, the light caused the Migo to let loose a shrill piping, but Hannah rushed forward with her Holy Light spell and let them find out how blinding lights could really be. They screeched and plummeted from the ceiling, dead before they even hit the floor.

I rushed in moving toward the captives. They were dazed, but I started helping the survivors to their feet. Hannah had been correct, the light had melted away much of the mucus, but here and there clumps held. This wasn’t good. Some prisoners still had their legs tied up, while others were stuck to the floor.

I was trying to get some of the more able captives to help me with mixed success. I got a few people to start aiding me in freeing the others. However, some were hysterical either running for the exit in a mad rush or screaming in fear  while searching for lost children and spouses.

Hannah rushed to me. “So I use the light again and free them?”

“Damn it! I’m not sure. We there are still two more rooms full of prisoners.” I allowed myself a few moments for thought and then said, “We came this far we have to try. Follow me!”

But when we entered the hallway we found it already filling with thrashing Migo and confused Darcarre.

“Double dogbite damn it!” I said for some reason. Then after piercing the closest Migo through the center of its undulating maggotish form with my crowbar, I scooped Hannah up into my arms and raced toward the next room. I had to run through the foul Xemmoni, but the Darcarre were still out of it and I plowed into them like a bowling ball through wine glasses. A Migo went to block the door. Its tentacles thrashed as they reached for us.

“You ready” I yelled.

“What and I supposed to be ready for,” she managed to get out before her words were lost in a wild eyed cry, for I took Hannah by the hands and spun her in a circle. The Darcarre that were rushing in from behind were scattered and by the time she went full circle she knew what I wanted. She shouted as her boots connected with the Migo and sent it flying.

Then we were inside the second room and she let loose her Ray of Holy Light. Like before, the enemies were dropped and the prisoners were mostly freed. I had remained behind to hold the door shut as long as I could.

“What now!” she yelled.

“Get as many of them out as possible.” 

“Then what?”

“Then we do what we always do, save the Earth. Just give me a minute to figure out how!”


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I played it safe and stayed in snake form until I was well outside the cinema. I must have been unconscious for a while for it looked like the sun would be creeping over theSan Juan’s soon. I had to hurry.

Then I saw it. Someone had left a Harley parked outside of a bar. Being a Jack Primus-of-all-trades (ouch, sorry about that one) I was able to hotwire that puppy. I was a little worried as it roared to life, but some risks are worth it, said the guy that had just been encased in Migo Mucus.

In a town of death, my allies had heard me long before I got to our hotel and were waiting for me outside.

Hannah ran into my arms before I have even cut the engine. She hugged me while Ethan favored me with his sloppy grin.

“Good to see you back in one piece, dude. But what’s that in your hair?”

“Never mind that. We-”

Hannah slapped my arm. “Don’t you never-mind us. We have been worried sick about you!”

“It’s true. She puked like six times.” Ethan’s grin grew wider, as he popped open a cold one and handed it to me around Hannah’s quivering form. Yep, she was pretty angry.

She had pulled away now and her hugs and kisses had been replaced by a determined looks and fists against her hips. “So what happened to you? I sure hope whatever it was is somehow worth what you put us through.”

“I hope so too.” After hopping off my new ride, I continued. “I found their nest. It’s the local movie theater. They had about fifty hostages in the room I was in and probably more in the others. This will mean that we’ll have to mix it up. Ethan, your fire will be useful taking down the whole place, but Hannah your Holy Light only hurts Xemmoni right?”

“Yes, but I can only use it so many times and-”

“I know babe. Let’s hope there aren’t more rooms full of prisoners than spells you can cast. What I’m more worried about is their mucus. Even if we kill all the vermin in these rooms, how can just a few of us carry out all these people in time?”

“I might be more help there, actually,” she said with a pretty smile. “I think there’s a good chance that my Ray of Holy Light will free these people from that yucky mucus as well.”

“Okay good. Even if there’re a few still held up, hopefully we can get the others to help us carry them out.”

“So you and Goldie free the prisoners and then I torch the place, right?”

I nodded. “That’s the plan. Some of them might escape or come after us, but we need to keep what we’re doing as low key as possible and then waste as many of these bastards as possible before they get wise.”

Ethan grew serious. “You know the best way for us to do that would be for me to start to torch the place even while you’re rescuing folks. Even if a few of these Fungi escape they can breed and start the horror all over again.”

 “Alright, we’ll do it your way. You will torch it right away and while the fuckers burn, Hannah and I will do what we can to help those folks escape.” I pounded the rest of the ale. “Alright people, let’s gear up and head out!”


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I had done the impossible. I figured out an upside to being encased in the nearly unbreakable Migo slime and transported to their foul nest, where I was probably about to have my brain sucked out and placed in a jar. Hell, I figured out two upsides. See, I’m an optimistic guy.

The first upside was I now knew where there nest was, for all the good that might do me. It was hard to see through the opaque mucus that encased me, but I was able to guess that I was in some type of Movie Theater. It made sense. There would be a lot of rooms and space. Also the high ceiling would enable the Migo to be able to fly inside. This would make them more dangerous and less vulnerable. Great.

I heard some muffled speech through the clinging grey Migo snot and quickly realized the second advantage, however slight, of my situation. No one knew it was me here inside this particular cocoon. This was good news, for Edgar and some of his Xemmoni goons were walking through what I guessed were piles of captured humans that these scum were saving for whatever foul purpose they had in mind.

I tried to catch what Edgar was saying as he walked past.

“Yes, indeed. All this Baal to absorb and the Migo will be blamed for everything. We could walk straight up to the blockade and the soldiers would think we had escaped and would be trying to protect us.” He laughed.

“But won’t the Migo seek to use their own victims?” A Gloom asked.

“Yes, of course and we will let them. But there must be countless people still hiding. We will be able to go from town to town ruling, killing, and gaining strength, without worry. Eventually the Migo…”

And that was all I could take in before they had moved out of my limited range.

I began to inspect my personal prison. The mucus was far too strong to hope to break through. Yes, it was similar to spider webbing, but it was more like hardened goo, rather than a sticky substance.

Lucky thing Edgar didn’t see that it was me mummified in this one, I thought as I quickly transformed myself into a serpent. My snake body clung to the side for a moment, but I was able to pull away. The encasing had a gap for my mouth and after peaking my head through, I escaped through this opening.

It must have still been night, for the Theater just had a brace of Migo guarding their prisoners. They were hovering near the ceiling, gibbering.

But suddenly I was at a loss.

Should I try to rescue these poor folks? Would I even be able too? I could escape and grab my fiery friend and blaze this place during the day. But then all these innocents would die. Yet, from the sounds of things, if these scum weren’t stopped they would be just doing this again and again. How many thousands might pay the price if these present victims weren’t sacrificed for the greater good?

Then I thought of something. Maybe there was a way. I just had to get out of here first.

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