Encased in Migo Mucus

May 2, 2011

I had done the impossible. I figured out an upside to being encased in the nearly unbreakable Migo slime and transported to their foul nest, where I was probably about to have my brain sucked out and placed in a jar. Hell, I figured out two upsides. See, I’m an optimistic guy.

The first upside was I now knew where there nest was, for all the good that might do me. It was hard to see through the opaque mucus that encased me, but I was able to guess that I was in some type of Movie Theater. It made sense. There would be a lot of rooms and space. Also the high ceiling would enable the Migo to be able to fly inside. This would make them more dangerous and less vulnerable. Great.

I heard some muffled speech through the clinging grey Migo snot and quickly realized the second advantage, however slight, of my situation. No one knew it was me here inside this particular cocoon. This was good news, for Edgar and some of his Xemmoni goons were walking through what I guessed were piles of captured humans that these scum were saving for whatever foul purpose they had in mind.

I tried to catch what Edgar was saying as he walked past.

“Yes, indeed. All this Baal to absorb and the Migo will be blamed for everything. We could walk straight up to the blockade and the soldiers would think we had escaped and would be trying to protect us.” He laughed.

“But won’t the Migo seek to use their own victims?” A Gloom asked.

“Yes, of course and we will let them. But there must be countless people still hiding. We will be able to go from town to town ruling, killing, and gaining strength, without worry. Eventually the Migo…”

And that was all I could take in before they had moved out of my limited range.

I began to inspect my personal prison. The mucus was far too strong to hope to break through. Yes, it was similar to spider webbing, but it was more like hardened goo, rather than a sticky substance.

Lucky thing Edgar didn’t see that it was me mummified in this one, I thought as I quickly transformed myself into a serpent. My snake body clung to the side for a moment, but I was able to pull away. The encasing had a gap for my mouth and after peaking my head through, I escaped through this opening.

It must have still been night, for the Theater just had a brace of Migo guarding their prisoners. They were hovering near the ceiling, gibbering.

But suddenly I was at a loss.

Should I try to rescue these poor folks? Would I even be able too? I could escape and grab my fiery friend and blaze this place during the day. But then all these innocents would die. Yet, from the sounds of things, if these scum weren’t stopped they would be just doing this again and again. How many thousands might pay the price if these present victims weren’t sacrificed for the greater good?

Then I thought of something. Maybe there was a way. I just had to get out of here first.

Want to get in on how Jack began his adventures? Check it out here!


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