I Refuse to Write Off Their Lives

May 9, 2011

I played it safe and stayed in snake form until I was well outside the cinema. I must have been unconscious for a while for it looked like the sun would be creeping over theSan Juan’s soon. I had to hurry.

Then I saw it. Someone had left a Harley parked outside of a bar. Being a Jack Primus-of-all-trades (ouch, sorry about that one) I was able to hotwire that puppy. I was a little worried as it roared to life, but some risks are worth it, said the guy that had just been encased in Migo Mucus.

In a town of death, my allies had heard me long before I got to our hotel and were waiting for me outside.

Hannah ran into my arms before I have even cut the engine. She hugged me while Ethan favored me with his sloppy grin.

“Good to see you back in one piece, dude. But what’s that in your hair?”

“Never mind that. We-”

Hannah slapped my arm. “Don’t you never-mind us. We have been worried sick about you!”

“It’s true. She puked like six times.” Ethan’s grin grew wider, as he popped open a cold one and handed it to me around Hannah’s quivering form. Yep, she was pretty angry.

She had pulled away now and her hugs and kisses had been replaced by a determined looks and fists against her hips. “So what happened to you? I sure hope whatever it was is somehow worth what you put us through.”

“I hope so too.” After hopping off my new ride, I continued. “I found their nest. It’s the local movie theater. They had about fifty hostages in the room I was in and probably more in the others. This will mean that we’ll have to mix it up. Ethan, your fire will be useful taking down the whole place, but Hannah your Holy Light only hurts Xemmoni right?”

“Yes, but I can only use it so many times and-”

“I know babe. Let’s hope there aren’t more rooms full of prisoners than spells you can cast. What I’m more worried about is their mucus. Even if we kill all the vermin in these rooms, how can just a few of us carry out all these people in time?”

“I might be more help there, actually,” she said with a pretty smile. “I think there’s a good chance that my Ray of Holy Light will free these people from that yucky mucus as well.”

“Okay good. Even if there’re a few still held up, hopefully we can get the others to help us carry them out.”

“So you and Goldie free the prisoners and then I torch the place, right?”

I nodded. “That’s the plan. Some of them might escape or come after us, but we need to keep what we’re doing as low key as possible and then waste as many of these bastards as possible before they get wise.”

Ethan grew serious. “You know the best way for us to do that would be for me to start to torch the place even while you’re rescuing folks. Even if a few of these Fungi escape they can breed and start the horror all over again.”

 “Alright, we’ll do it your way. You will torch it right away and while the fuckers burn, Hannah and I will do what we can to help those folks escape.” I pounded the rest of the ale. “Alright people, let’s gear up and head out!”


Want to get in on how Jack began his adventures? Check it out here!


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