Light Into Darkness, Heros and Horror

May 16, 2011

There was plenty of gasoline to be had inDurango. We weren’t post apocalyptic yet, but if these Migo weren’t stopped half of theU.S.could be. We helped Ethan set us the jerry cans were they would do the most good. We figured in matters of fire we would trust the wisdom of a man of Loki.

The good news was that I was able to do a bit of scouting in my snake form and found out which theaters held the prisoners and where the majority of the Migo and Xemmoni were hiding from the day.

I had my new hammer strapped to my back and an oversized crowbar filling my hands. Hannah was at my side, while Ethan waited for our word so he could start toasting these bastards on the other side of the building. We were going more high-tech than usually this time. We each had a walkie.

With a nod to my lover, I inserted the crowbar and popped open one of the emergency exits. At once, the light caused the Migo to let loose a shrill piping, but Hannah rushed forward with her Holy Light spell and let them find out how blinding lights could really be. They screeched and plummeted from the ceiling, dead before they even hit the floor.

I rushed in moving toward the captives. They were dazed, but I started helping the survivors to their feet. Hannah had been correct, the light had melted away much of the mucus, but here and there clumps held. This wasn’t good. Some prisoners still had their legs tied up, while others were stuck to the floor.

I was trying to get some of the more able captives to help me with mixed success. I got a few people to start aiding me in freeing the others. However, some were hysterical either running for the exit in a mad rush or screaming in fear  while searching for lost children and spouses.

Hannah rushed to me. “So I use the light again and free them?”

“Damn it! I’m not sure. We there are still two more rooms full of prisoners.” I allowed myself a few moments for thought and then said, “We came this far we have to try. Follow me!”

But when we entered the hallway we found it already filling with thrashing Migo and confused Darcarre.

“Double dogbite damn it!” I said for some reason. Then after piercing the closest Migo through the center of its undulating maggotish form with my crowbar, I scooped Hannah up into my arms and raced toward the next room. I had to run through the foul Xemmoni, but the Darcarre were still out of it and I plowed into them like a bowling ball through wine glasses. A Migo went to block the door. Its tentacles thrashed as they reached for us.

“You ready” I yelled.

“What and I supposed to be ready for,” she managed to get out before her words were lost in a wild eyed cry, for I took Hannah by the hands and spun her in a circle. The Darcarre that were rushing in from behind were scattered and by the time she went full circle she knew what I wanted. She shouted as her boots connected with the Migo and sent it flying.

Then we were inside the second room and she let loose her Ray of Holy Light. Like before, the enemies were dropped and the prisoners were mostly freed. I had remained behind to hold the door shut as long as I could.

“What now!” she yelled.

“Get as many of them out as possible.” 

“Then what?”

“Then we do what we always do, save the Earth. Just give me a minute to figure out how!”


Want to get in on how Jack began his adventures? Check it out here!

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