Mucus, Tentacles, Fire, and Death

May 30, 2011

The fiery explosions shook the theater and almost knocked us off our feet. Human screams mixed with the frantic trilling of the foul Fungi of Yuggoth. Luckily, Ethan had set his fire traps on the far side of the building, but already smoke was pouring into the room and the crackle of flames could be heard.

The Migo had been thrown into Chaos and the Darcarre weren’t too far behind. I used these precious seconds to attempt a head count of the slime incased prisoners and counted roughly twenty cocoons.

I grabbed Hannah’s arm. “Come on, grab a body while they are distracted!” She was a half inch from panic, but did as she was told and tossed a body over her shoulder. I grabbed two and we raced toward the emergency exit.

After bursting into the welcome sunlight, I was hard pressed to want to re-enter that flame ridded dark tomb.

I did anyway.

This time Hannah and I grabbed the victims closest to the door and were able to save three more of them. Once outside, I was surprised to see the purifying rays of the sun were already dissolving the Migo’s foul mucus.

“Praise Apollo,” Hannah said, and tried to summon a smile. Then we were rushing in again.

This time, they were ready for us. I was hit with at least two Darcarre Bestows and cried out in pain when my veins began to blacken.  Tentacles lashed out at us. Grabbing and holding.

I could hear Edgar shouting. I should have known. “They are the cause of all this. Make them pay. Yes, yes! Kill them and we will be safe once more!”

I struggled and fought. A Migo shrieked when I tore a foul appendages from its body. But it was replaced with ten more. And then another Darcarre Bestow crashed into me. More tentacles grabbed me and soon my fighting was over.

“Yes, that’s it. Make them pay,” Edgar said while stepping closer. “You have impressed me more than once, Stalwart. You have caused me enough trouble for me to want to kill two hundred of your kind.” He smiled, “but I’ll be doing that anyway, starting with this pretty thing.”

“But my lord, the fire draws near,” One of this minions said.

“We’ll have enough time. Organize the rest. Have them seek cover in the nearest structure. I have things to finish here.”

 With another foul grin, he drew a long serrated dagger and advanced on Hannah.


Would you like to find out more about what happened to Jack and his journey to become a Stalwart? Then check out his first adventures!!!!!!!!

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