The Climax of Undulating Maggots of Doom

June 13, 2011

Edgar steeped closer to Hannah. His jagged knife was bared and with enough Migo tentacles to suffocate a school bus full of kids holding me, I was powerless to help her.

“In your short time as a Stalwart you have become quite a curse, Primus. For what have done to the Overlord alone, I will enjoy watching you helplessly squirm as I slowly destroy your mate’s beautiful face!”

And that was when Ethan burst into the room bathing all those in front of him with flame, including Hannah. At first, I feared that she would be burnt with the rest of them, but she seemed as immune to fire as Ethan was.

Me, I decided to mix it up and instead of changing into a small snake, so I could escape, I became the largest snake I could imagine. My fanged filled mouth clamped down over the head of a Darcarre, while my coils dislodged the tentacle’s grip and slammed the Migo against the theater walls.

I caught a brace of Migo within my coils and let them feel the real squeeze until they erupted like foul rotting mushrooms. Between my sudden attack and half the place falling into flames, the theater was flung into chaos. The screen caught on fire filling the room with bellowing clouds of chemical laced smoke.

I saw Edgar try to scream a few commands but then scream for a very different reason when Ethan lit him up with his flame pistol. As if remembering hers for the first time, Hannah joined the man in red and the room became an inferno. That was when we heard the frying prisoners scream. Hannah was panic stricken. She gasped when she realized innocents were being hurt.

The Xemmoni were in full retreat, falling back into hallways and rooms that were already ablaze behind them.  As I transformed back into a man, I saw a candle headed Edgar lead a knot of Darcarre through the hole I had busted into the wall. I wanted to pursue, but the victims of both the Migo and now these flames needed help.

The only positive about being bathed in flames were that it melted the Migo mucus that was binding the prisoners. It was a horrid task, but with my two allies both being immune to flame, we were able to rescue another twenty six people. Although some of them were pretty crunchy by the time they made it out.

Looking back, I saw that the entire building was a tower of fire. Nothing would survive that blaze. I figured Edgar and a few of his nestlings had made good their escape, but frankly I was too exhausted to care. I just wanted to sit down and wash the grime from my face, but instead I went through the victims offering healing both mundane and Magickal.

When we were spent, Ethan looked over at me and said. “I think we have done more than enough for these people, what do you say we hit that Ska pub before the army heads in. I for one think we deserve as much free beer as we can drink!”

“I agree,” I said and after helping Hannah to her feet, we limped to her ride. “I just hope I can scrounge up a cheese steak,” I grumbled, as we raced through the empty streets.


Would you like to find out more about what happened to Jack and his journey to become a Stalwart? Then check out his first adventures!!!!!!!!

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