Rocky Mountain Horror Picture Show

August 29, 2011

I had finally made it to the top of the mountain, but this didn’t mean I knew where I was going. The peek was huge, but it didn’t take to look for the billowing smoke and the glowing fires to give their position away.

Soon it was Ethan’s manic cries that were drawing me toward where I unfortunately needed to be.

Peering around a large collection of boulders, I was not pleased with what I saw. Huts and primitive cabins circled a series of smoky fires. They must have been burning leaves or mulch, because the grey plumes were nearly enough to obfuscate the area.

The Glooms themselves were ragged filthy things. They were so distorted and foul that it was hard to believe that they might have once been human. They each swayed like drunken dancers. Their tall bodies created wisps of sick fog which did little to conceal their wild glowing red eyes.

Ethan’s shouting form was held in a rusty iron cage, but far more alarming was the sight of Hannah bound and unconscious in the center of the cluttered circle. Even as I watched, the Xemmoni were chanting some horrid Bestow while they readied their sickles. It didn’t take a genius to guess my babe was about to be sacrificed to help increase these bastard’s power.

I was glad I had brought along my giant war hammer, despite the difficult climb. But still, these were the real deal, high powered warlocks. Their Flesh to Mists bestows alone could have me dissipating into the wind. My usual ‘run at them with weapons flying’ would not work this time. Even if I could get Ethan loose, it might still not be enough.

I cursed under my breath. Hannah was running out of time!

I looked around the rough circle and then looked again. Ideas entered and then spilled out of my head just as quickly. There had to be a way or at least an angle that could help me.

 Then I spied what I had been looking for. On the southern side of the circle was a cluster of what could be jumbled rocks. There was no guarantee they would be loose enough to send at my enemies, but one could only try. It might be our only chance.

Want to get in on how Jack began his adventures? Check it out here!

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