Warrior of the Earth

September 12, 2011

I had already circled around to the hillside littered with loose rocks. The rugged cliff face held both good and bad news. Yes, the boulders would be big enough to cause grave damage to any Gloom unlucky enough to be caught in their path. The downside was that they might be too large for me to move, even with the use of my Earth-Magicks.

There was an additional pair of bipolar issues to consider. It was helpful that I was closer to the cage that held Ethan, but another possible negative was that a wild avalanche could hit Hannah too.

Crouching down near the rocky cliff, I took in the rusted cage that held my Loki ally, while the Glooms continued with their foul incantations. I had no way to open the cage other than smash it with my hammer half a dozen times. I had better think of something though, for it sounded like the Xemmoni’s Bestow was winding down and that could mean a chest full of sickles for my lady.

Then I thought of something. Seconds later, I was pumping the last of my mystic strength into the earth that held the boulders around me. “This had better be enough,” I said through grit teeth as I put my back to one of the larger stones. “Because if I use the last of my Ki, there will be nothing left for any healing later.”

The Earth bucked and pulsed under me. I felt the power of Yig battling against the evil of the Gloom tainted ground. Yig ruled the Earth and all things held within the bosom of Inanna. I felt his power building, fighting.

I heaved against the large boulders as the chanting died down. Sand and pebbles rolled free, but the stone remained held fast. I grunted and tried to do the impossible and push harder.

With a titanic rumble, the stone came free. The Earth erupted with an avalanche of doghouse sized stones. Before the Magick of my last spell ebbed, I motioned with everything I had for the rocks to tumble south, closer toward Ethan’s cage.

Turning, Ethan let out a yelp and braced himself. Soon, the cage was dislodged and began to be torn apart as it road over the landslide. I could only hope Ethan would somehow survive the assault. Looking down, I saw that two of the Glooms had not faired well and their hammered bodies became buried under tons of earth and rock. Two other Glooms were forced to retreat and took a pelting of stone. The unconscious form of Hannah, although now covered with dust and dirt, had remained unharmed.

Drawing the hammer of my back, I charged down the mountainside. The real battle was about to begin!


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