Full Circle

October 3, 2011

A part of me, the very damaged and battered part, had wanted to rest after the battle, but Hannah had been able to heal me with her unused mystical strength. The place oscillated with foul waves of corruption and we motivated to climb down the western face and the sun was just beginning to grace the land by the time we returned to the healthy forests of Yig.

I never did find my big hammer though.

After Ethan made a crackling fire, we crashed in the shade. Hannah snuggled up into my arms while Ethan grumbled about how he needed to get himself a girlfriend. We rested that day and spent the night there as well. No one was more shocked than I, when we didn’t get bothered by so much as a skunk.

The next morning, we wandered roughly west by north-west. After all we had been through, it was strange to not be in the middle of some huge conflict or have someone trying to cut off our heads.

An odd feeling was coming over me as I took in the scent of the majestic pines. It was hard for me to place, but then I realized that it might have been a feeling of peace. “Maybe I might be able to relax a little,” I grumbled to myself, but Hannah only smiled and slipped her little hand into mine.

We hardly had any equipment left, let alone any food. Ethan fried a few squirrels, which made Hannah sad, but she still ate a few bites. After our small snack, we pressed on.

Before too long, we found a dirt road. It was leading downhill so we followed it. Eight miles later we found ourselves onOphirPass.“I know a place up here,” I said more to myself than the others and hurried up our pace so we could try to make it there before dark.

Just as the sun started to dip behind Lizardhead to the west, I found it. The old mining camp.

“What is this place?” Ethan asked, as we walked past the polluted orange streams and approached the old dilapidated cabin. Rusted metal tools lingered in the brackish mud and other streams flowed bone white where they exited the mountain.

“Why did you bring us here?” Hannah asked. “It seems evil.”

I laughed. “This is where I started this mess. I was staying here to heal up when I first got toColorado.”

“So this is one of those big full-circle things, huh,” Ethan asked.

“It could be, or it could just be a safe place for us to crash.”

“I still think it looks creepy,” Hannah said drawing closer to me.

“I wasn’t bothered here before. I think we’ll be alright. The real question is what will we be doing now? No serious threat is plaguingColoradothat we know of and I think we’ve done way more than our share cleaning this place out. I still need to finish what Vile Darken started inIdaho. I-”

“Can we at least sleep on it, boss?” Ethan said, while already claiming a place on the filthy floor. 

Hannah moved into my arms. “Sounds like a plan to me. Let’s go collect some wood big guy.”

I smiled and we were already kissing before we had left the cabin.


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