There is Always One More

October 10, 2011

Hannah and I hadn’t hurried back to the cabin that night. When we did arrive, we shared each other’s warmth for that was about all we had. Ethan had gotten up long enough to make a fire in the old oil drum stove and it kept the place cozy enough for sleep to claim our exhausted bones.

The next morning we woke up feeling less than perfect. The clean mountain air was refreshing, but we were still in the same clothes we had been wearing before Edgar had summoned the Migo all those weeks ago. My clothes in particular were hanging by strings after all the Flesh to Mists Bestows I had to endure. Hannah joked more than once about me being some type of backwoods Tarzan with so much of my chest bare.

It was strange to have this much down time, for it wasn’t something I had experienced since the last time I was… well here at the old miner’s cabin. Hannah and I went on walks while Ethan complained about how hungry he was and tried to scam up some food, which again was mostly a few unlucky squirrels.

Later, while Hannah and I walked through a field of brilliant yellow flowers, she turned to me and asked, “So what’s the game plan now, handsome?”

“Yes, I know what you mean, I’ve been thinking about that too. It isn’t like we have even enough cash to get a hotel, let alone rent an apartment or something. What I probably need to do is scam up some wheels and head back up toIdahoand finish what that bastard Vile Darken started.”

Her face grew tense. “But what about me or even Ethan?”

I paused for a moment, but then asked, “Weren’t you sent here by Apollo to aid me? Is there anyway to know whether you’re done? Have you done what he asked? Would he let you know if your mission was complete?”

She laughed. “Slow down, big boy. In general yeah, he would let me know if my time here was done. It might take him a while, he is a busy God after all, but I haven’t had so much as a vague dream hinting that I should be moving on yet. I’d guess that Ethan probably hasn’t either.”

“That could mean that we still have another challenge to face. You would think that after axing the Creeper, keeping the Migo from invading Earth, and everything else we pulled off that we might be done here.”

“Maybe we have one more mission to complete, Jack.” 

“If that’s true, then the next question is, will it be wrapping up a few loose ends or will it be our biggest challenge yet?” I looked up at the dark storm clouds building in the north. “Why do I think it will probably end up being the latter?”


Want to get in on how Jack began his adventures? Check it out here!

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