Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind

October 31, 2011

Hannah proved to be right. It did look like we were passing through the town on our way up the mountain side toward the mines that used to rule this area before the skiers proved more profitable.

As the last of Telluride disappeared in our review, Ethan spoke, while we gathered our meager gear together. “So why aren’t we affected by whatever is controlling these two?”

“It’s probably a Stalwart thing,” I answered. “Whatever is doing this might not have the strength to control us from such a distance, but who knows what could happened when we get closer.”

Hannah spoke up. “Well then, let’s make sure we don’t get closer.”

“I agree. You guys ready?” They nodded. “It looks like we have some steep mountain curves ahead of us. They will have to slow down there and when they do, I say we jump.”

Ethan stuck up his hand like we were in fifth grade. “Couldn’t we knock them unconscious or something? Then we wouldn’t have to jump out. Not all of us have that protection Yig gives you.”

“For once, I think Ethan’s right,” Hannah said. “We also don’t want to just send Hank and Fiona up there. Who knows what would happen to them.”

“Okay, I guess you two are right, although whatever would have happened to these two must be happening to hundreds already. I just hope the rest of them are still alive. Okay Hannah, you grab Fiona. I’ll take Hank. Ethan I want you taking the wheel.”

They fought us like we were going to eat their babies. I got Hank’s hands off the steering wheel easy enough, but he slammed on the accelerator, like he was bent on sending us off the side of the switch back.

“I think we should have done this before we started up the mountain,” Ethan screamed, as he steered the car from the back seat. I saw a sharp curve coming and if we didn’t make it, the truck would send us tumbling over a cliff that even we could not survive the fall from.

With a grunt, I pulled Hank into the back seat with us. This took his foot off the accelerator, but we were still racing toward the sharp curve. “Go, Ethan, Go!”

Ethan scrambled over the seats and got elbowed in the head by Hank. He clutched at the steering wheel and yanked it into the curve, but it looked like we were going too fast.

Suddenly, Ethan fell forward so only his thrashing legs could be seen over the seats and I feared the worst. Then the vehicle came slamming to a stop with a squeal of breaks, but we still raced toward the edge of the curve.

I released a breath I didn’t know I was holding, when we skidded to a stop eight feet from the cliff face.

“Holy damn,” Ethan said, after peeking over the dash. “We aren’t dead.”

“No, I guess we’re not. Now please find some rope or something to help us tie these two up.”

He smiled. “Sure boss. And I guess there’s another good point to our plan—we have a car now. So we can either drive up to this mine or head down to Telluride and probably get a bunch of free drinks and stuff.”

“We’ll be heading up.” 

His smile disappeared. “I figured you’d say that.”


Want to get in on how Jack began his adventures? Check it out here!

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