Mines of Madness

November 28, 2011

Ethan’s flame flickered dimly in the near darkness. It created chaotic waves of light that jarred the black shadows and had them bouncing along the walls like living things. The mines were old and had been officially abandoned. Dust and dirt fought to plug the shafts of stale air that dared slab into the mountain.

“Oh man, Jack. How do we get into these messes?” Ethan coughed. “Hell, I think this is our worst one yet. That loser Edgar has Hannah. Even if we find that stupid crown, who knows what he will do to her?” Ethan jerked when behind him a Migo let loose a strong of foul piping.

“Keep working for now,” I said. Sure we had taken out nearly a hundred of those alien monstrosities, but without weapons, even one Migo was a serious threat, besides we couldn’t hurt them or they’d do equal or worse to Hannah.

Ethan and I worked as a team. I would use my earth moving powers granted to me by Yig and shovel out a ton of the rocky soil. Ethan would then bake the debris with his flames of Loki. Once we finished the poor citizens of Telluride, who had become little more than living zombies, would carry the steaming chucks out to the edge of the mine and toss it off the cliffs. Then we would repeat the process.

We were allowed a small break while the slaves cleared an area we needed to move through. “Look through here,” I whispered to Ethan, while we tossed stone after stone back to the slaves. “This might have been collapsed on purpose. Maybe someone had a reason to keep this crown hidden.”

“It could mean we’re getting close.”

“Which might not be a good thing. I still need time to think.”

“Should we slow down?”

“It won’t matter soon. I’m almost at the end of my mystical reserves for the day. They’ll have to let us rest so we can get our Ki back. We won’t make a move today. We’ll need all our strength to go against these fuc-”

“Primus, what is the hold up?” an annoying voice called after them as a thin figure walked past the Migo. We was dressed in a suit as dark as coal. His hair was short and spiked up at weird angles.

“I’m out of my Ki for one thing. We’ll need to rest if you want us to be able gain it back.”

“You’ll rest when I say you can rest, Stalwart,” the Darcarre sneered.

“I can get eighty times us much done with my spell and you know it.”

“Of course you can, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your back into things for many hours to come. You’ll get enough rest to recharge, filthy Stalwart, but that time is still many hours away,” he laughed.

“What do you call yourself,” I asked through clenched teeth.

“I’m Dick.”

“That seems fitting,” Ethan said.

“None of that,” the Darcarre hissed and send a small bolt of his Black Veins Bestow at my friend. Ethan screamed and fell back against the course wall.

The Darcarre laughed again and as he turned to go he called over his shoulder. When another hundred and ten feet of tunnel is cleared you may rest for a few hours. Be good pets and I might even try to find you a bowl of gruel.”

“Do me a favor,” Ethan said.

“Yeah, what?”

“Save me that one. I want to kill that Dick.”

 Want to get in on how Jack began his adventures? Check it out here!

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