An Artifact in the Hand is worth Two in the Mud

December 19, 2011

We fell into our tiring routine the next morning. However, this time I had us make smaller loads and conserve our mystic strength. A few hours later, I flashed Ethan one of the hand signs of Yig, which we had agreed on before hand.

“Looks like I’m spent again.” I called back to his Darcarre guard.

“Then you know what that means, worm, back to the shovel. Ethan grab the wheelbarrow and start filling that slime puppy up.”

I knew these Darcarre could hear a whisper at a hundred yards, but I doubted these two losers were powerful enough to have their senses pierce our thoughts. Who knew what a Migo might be able to do, but I figured I’d take the chance.

I pantomimed a crown and then made the finger sign for close. Ethan eyes grew a little wider. He knew that when we found that crown, that meant the battle was on.

So we threw out backs into the labor. I could sense it now. A dim aura, but here. As dug my way closer, the going was painfully slow.

The Consciousness Crown, Ink had called it. I tried to gain a feel for the thing through the layers of debris. Someone had sure wanted this thing hidden. I reached out with my detect Darkening and the object didn’t appear to have an evil aura. Its aura didn’t seem good either. It just was. Waves of powerful energy could be felt as we drew nearer. The Migo and our two guards grew restless. They could sense it too.

If they sent for reinforcements it would tip the scales against us. I knew I would have to appeal to their greed. “I think the crown is still a few dozen yards away, but already its energy seemed to be healing me.”

It was a complete lie, but the Xemmoni bought it. Edgar would know if they put on the crown, but if they believed that just standing near it might give them powers, they could hold off on telling Edgar until it was too late—at least for them.

I knew we were closer than what I told them. The ground got strangely looser and we found ourselves working faster. Ethan couldn’t bring the wheel barrel back fast enough; our fingers flew as shovel after shovel of dirt was moved.

Then I could see it. It glowed through the dirt. I motioned for Ethan to block the Xemmoni’s view. He was a thief and knew what to do. I hunched over and thrust my arms into the ground. I went in past my elbows before my fingers grabbed onto the buzzing instrument of power.

I felt like electricity entered my body and I began to vibrate. Ethan might have gasped when the whole tunnel lit up like a June day. The Darcarre shouted and the Migo roared in a whistling sort a way.

Nothing could stop me and I just hoped I knew what I was doing when I placed the crown over my head. It settled on my head and another wave of energy pierced through me before I started to scream.

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