Eyes of Insanity

January 23, 2012

“Come on Jack,” Ethan said, while pulling on my leather. “I know you’re screwed up, but we have to rescue Hannah!”

“Hannah,” I muttered through the web of insanity. A thousand different versions of myself flashed before my shattered eyes. The Consciousness Crown showed incarnations of me on more worlds than my mind could comprehend. Everything from other Jack’s fighting horrid monsters, to images of me doing laundry clogged my vision. I wondered if I’d go blind or insane first, but figured the latter.

Somehow I got to my feet and started moving through the tunnel. I think a few Darcarre tried to stop me, but I barely noticed them as my multiplied abilities tossed them literally into the mountain. Hordes of the possessed slaves came in at me next. I tried to be gentler with these, but my increased powers were beyond my control and I could only hope that I had been able to keep the severe injuries to a minimum as I cleared these victims from my path.

Before long, I was able to see the dim glow of the surface. Ethan still followed, being careful to remain behind me. The visions plagued me as before and I stumbled, falling to one knee.

“Jack,” his voice was light years away.

“There has to be some way to control this. I have to lessen the effects.”

“There must be a way,” Ethan said quickly. “I’m sure Edgar doesn’t into to blow his life in one suicidal wave of destruction. He’s way too selfish.”

“Maybe there are more of me than other people,” I gasped. “Loskeep hinted that I might have something to do with Darken. Some people could have only a few dozen incarnations, while it feels like I have thousands!”

“Oh crap Jack. Let’s just use its power to save Hannah, then we’ll try to figure this out. Maybe she or those splinter Darcarre can help you.”

“Okay,” I managed to mumble and together with moved toward the growing sunlight. The light was grey, not beaming, which either meant a storm was approaching or it was almost nightfall.

We are almost reached the opening when I heard a familiar voice shout. “You think you are so clever, Primus? I planned for this of course.”

It was Edgar and he continued. “I knew you’d save me months. Yes, killing you will bury the crown again, but I’m know right where it is this time,” he laughed.

We tried to sprint toward the opening, but it was too late. A titanic explosion was quickly followed by tons of falling rock and sand. All was darkness as the tunnel collapsed in on us.


Want to get in on how Jack began his adventures? Check it out here!

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