In the Coils of Yig

January 30, 2012

The tons of fallen earth had little effect on me in my current state. It felt comforting somehow, and gave me a calming clarity that helped soften the manic visions and allowed me to think. Yig blesses me; I am one with the Earth. I moved through the dirt and stone like a man through water and reveled in the sensation until I remembered about Ethan.

I had attempted to use my abilities to protect him, but even if he wasn’t crashed, he would soon run out of oxygen. Finding him was an easy task. He glowed a blazing scarlet and I moved through the tunnels of earth with ease.

Never had I felt such potential. The possession of the Consciousness Crown could drive somehow mad with power, even if the visions of a thousand different lifetimes didn’t press in on you at every moment.

Ethan still lived, but that wouldn’t last long if I didn’t bring him to the surface. Despite the dangers of Edgar and his Darcarre, I realized I didn’t have much time if I wanted Ethan to survive.

I moved through the collapsed tunnel like a diver heading toward the surface. Powers came to me that I hadn’t even guessed at and luckily for my friend they were able to protect him.

I could sense the wall of the mountain ending and I tossed Ethan’s limp form through the last eight feet of earth and he tumbled down the slight hill like a broken doll. It would be difficult to be sure what might lurk out there, so I decided to poke just my head through the side of the mountain and this proved my undoing.

A blast from the last Migo’s gun caught me and despite my increased power, I found myself parallelized.

A sick laugh erupted from Edgar. He was crouched on the back of the Migo and before I could regain control of my limbs, they had swooped in close and his long fingers had torn the crown from my head.

His laughter increased ten fold and he hoped off the Migo’s back and landed not far from where Ethan’s tangled body lay. Ten of his Darcarre watched as Edgar danced in a circle.

I was regaining the use of my limbs, save to the fact I was embedded within the earth up to my neck. Gone were my increased powers that could have overcome such an obstacle so easily.

“Perfect, ha. It looks like you are a captive audience, Primus.” He laughed long and loud at his own joke. “Behold the beginnings of your end and join us as we explode into a new age, an age where I will become Overlord of the Earth!”

Despite my pleas, Edgar’s mad face grinned like the Devil, as he placed the Consciousness Crown over his head.

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