Wounded and Weaponless

February 27, 2012

I had the three hundred possessed Coloradoans stumbling like lost zombies before me, ten Darcarre racing up behind me, and Edgar, who now wore the Consciousness Crown, on the back of the last Migo flying hovering above Ethan and me.

“To say we’re surrounded would be the understatement of the year.” Ethan grumbled at my side. He still clutched his wounded arm and I doubted he was strong enough to be much of a help through this.

I was about to retreat through the cave, figuring that if I was going to bust heads, I would rather wail on the Darcarre instead of their helpless victims, when I heard a commotion on the other side of the possessed humans. It sounded like some sort of battle was going on. Flashes of brilliant yellow light could be seen.

“Hannah,” I whispered and then said, “Come on. If we have to go down today, it can at least be all together!”

“I’m glad to hear you are being realistic, Primus,” Edgar taunted from above. “Because your days of usefulness are behind you and if you continue to resist your death is assured. Surrender now and perhaps we’ll let you remain here to entertain us as a circus freak!”

“Follow me,” I hissed under my breath and sprinted toward the small cabin that used to serve as our prison.

Edgar laughed and the Migo fired a blast from its football shaped pistol, but luckily our move was unexpected enough that it failed to hit.

“Where the hell are we going?”

“I have a plan, it might not work on a smart foe, but I’m counting on Edgar’s impatience making him sloppy.”

We dodged through the crowds of the possessed—pushing and elbowing them out of our way. I winced when a Migo blast caused a man’s head to explode and spray us with brains. The ten Darcarre were on our heels, but the stumbling possessed slowed them down as well.

Somehow, we made it to the flimsy cabin, which was once or pathetic prison. Leaping in, I slammed the door shut as soon as Ethan had made it through the doorway.

“What the hell is this going to do?” he yelled, even as the fingernails of the possessed began to claw on the outer boards.

“We’ll see. We just have to hold out for a minute and remember every moment we keep their attention on us makes more time for Hannah and Ink to cause damage.”

Fists created a drum beat from hell as more of the possessed reached us. Soon we were completely surrounded and they milled ten feet deep in every direction. Ethan cried out when a Migo blast burned a six inch hole through the roof and missed hitting his boot by a foot.

“I sure hope you know what you are doing,” he shouted, as he threw his weight against the buckling door.

Bending down, I tore a loose board out of the floor and said, “Yeah, me too.”


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