Jack Primus Versus Edgar, Part I

March 12, 2012

I was weaponless, save for the broken spear I had just created with my quickly emptying pool of mystic strength. All around me the citizens of Telluride were regaining their senses and most of them screeched and moved to flee when they absorbed what went on around them.

To the south, Ethan faced the nearly impossible task of fending off ten Darcarre on his own. While beyond my line of sight to the north, I could still hear the sounds of Hannah, Ink, and the Splinter Darcarre taking on Edgar’s main force.

The form of Edgar wavered before me, sick with power. His sword was a black nightmare of oscillating ebony smoke. The Consciousness Crown fed him nearly endless strength, my only advantage might be that since Edgar was new to its effects, it could leave him half dazed and his anchor to this reality blurred.

“Primus, I will see you hanging by your-” For once in my life, I was able to avoid some bastard’s boasting. Since I knew he was confused I just attacked at once. I figured speed would be my only ally. Using the spear like a pole-vaulter, I launched myself into the air, and came in high. He tried to swipe at me with the sword, but I angled my body and drew up my left leg. My right boot connected with his jaw in a blow that would have snapped the neck of any normal man.

He stumbled back with blood dripping from his lip, but then, even as I watched, he completely healed himself. The Darcarre were the only race of the Xemmoni that healed, but with the conscious Crown on his head, I had to figure his abilities in that area would be nearly endless.

I was so screwed.

“So it is going to be like that,” I said back pedaling, but still maintaining a grip on my spear. “No honor, no challenge.”

“Ha! I am being honorable by not just disintegrating you in an instant, which I could now easily accomplish.” The sad thing, I didn’t doubt him.

I tried to give him a heart shot, but only lost another two feet of my spear.

“Why am I even bothering,” I said, slumping my shoulders. “I bet this weapon can’t even pierce your Magicks even if I could get through.”

“Quite right, fool. You speak of honor and sportsmanship. I tire of this and need to finish up here.Denverby nightfall and all that. I’ll give you one free shot, just so when I brag about killing on the Jack Primus of my world, no one can ever claim that I didn’t earn the right.”

His eyes leaked a black inky oil that spread from his face in a vapor. He opened his arms wide. “Go ahead Primus, take your shot.”

I hovered for a moment, adjusting my spear and taking a deep breath. Then, with a yell, I drove my weapon toward the center of his chest. But, at the last moment, I lifted my weapon so that it struck the top of the Consciousness Crown.

My eyes went wide, and Edgar cried out as we each watched the crown spiral through the air and land near the edge of the cliff.

A wicked smile passed over my face. “Now the fight will be fair!”


 Want to get in on how Jack began his adventures? Check it out here!

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