My Enemy Can’t Die

August 20, 2012

Jack had already dived to the side as he heard the crack of the rifle. He tried to catch himself with his one good hand. This not only send waves of agony through his broken arm, but he also lost hold of his axe and it went sliding across the hard wood floor.

If I kill him, he will just possess Carrie or one of the kids. I can’t let that happen. But that doesn’t mean I can’t soften him up a little. A throwing knife was in his hand before a roll took him to the far side of the thick sofa. A bullet passed through the couch and missed his head by inches.

He readied the knife and threw it at the rancher’s leg. It stuck in one of the wooden rail supports. He cursed as he drew another and more shots headed his way, but he laid himself prone, right next to the sofa and so far they had missed finding a home in his flesh.

If I haven’t used all my Ki on this damn arm, I might be able to use Mold Nature or something, but it looks like it’s just me, a table full of prone hostages, and two immortal pukes.

“Why delay the inevitable, Stalwart? I have plenty of ammunition. Allow me to put you down like the dog of Yig you are.”

Jack moaned, like he’d been hit. But the sound was also used to cover his movement. The creature, that was once John, had reached the bottom of the stairs and as he began to limp toward Jack, the Stalwart moved his body so that his boots were braced against the side of the sofa.

The hollowed voice sounded again. “If you think I’m coming to put you out of your misery, you are very mistaken. You have already cost me two bodies and I enjoyed the bear.”

Jack pushed out with all the strength of his legs. The sofa slid across the floor and crashed into John. The thing didn’t so much as scream, even when the sound of its snapping leg echoed through the room. John’s already injured calf buckled and the thing went down in a tangle of limbs.

Jack’s body followed the sofa. The Ravor tried to get the gun back into play, but Jack leapt over the sofa and came down with both feet on the rifle, effectively pinning the man beneath it. A second later the hilt of his knife smacked the Ravor in the forehead, again and again, until it lost consciousness.

There was a muffled cry or alarm. Jack turned in time to see the Ravor in Ed’s body pull Carrie head back by her hair and press a steak knife against her throat. “You can’t win, Stalwart. We are eternal.”

Get in on the beginning of Jack’s Adventures Here!



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