Complications and Chaos

August 27, 2012

Jack’s fingers clutched around the throwing knife he still had in his fist. His lips formed into a snarl as he watched the possessed body, of what had one been the rancher known as Ed, pressed one of Jack’s own knives against Carrie’s pulsing jugular vein.

She was still bound and gagged, but her eyes pleaded with an intensity that made Jack want to snap the Ravor’s neck, but he knew killing these Xemmoni would only mean they would possess and kill another victim, but there had to be a way for him to take them out and save what was left of Carrie and her family.

Blank eyes stared at him from over a slack jawed expression. The Ravor’s possession had caused Ed’s skin to hang in loose folds. The figure said a bizarre tangle of syllables toward his partner, who Jack hoped remained unconscious. Luckily, the second Razor didn’t stir.

He was just contemplating whether or not he could somehow hit the Ravor with his dagger without either killing Carrie or killing it, when the hollow voice of the Ravor said, “Drop the knife Stalwart. You know it will not do you any good.”

He was about to comply, when Carrie must had managed to push back with her feet. The top of the chair hit the Xemmoni in the chest and it stumbled back a pace. That was all the opening Jack needed. He took a large step forward throwing his knife as he came. The blade sunk deep into the Ravor’s weapon arm and it dropped the knife it had been holding.

But Jack didn’t stop there. His booted foot took the Ravor in the center of his chest and sent him flying back into the staircase. The bottom step tripped it up and the Xemmoni fell onto its back.

“Goodnight,” Jack said, with a twisted grin, and brought the heel of his boot down on the thing’s forehead. Once again, it lost consciousness.

After checking on the other unconscious Ravor, he tied them up with torn curtains that he quickly sliced into strips with his war dagger. All the while, Carrie was trying to scream at him through her gag. When he finally finished binding their wrists and ankles, he hurried to her side and began to set her free.

As soon as he gag was removed. She yelled, “What the hell is going on. What’s the matter with my husband? Where is my brother?”

It broke his heart to have to tell her the truth and he focused on her bonds as he said, “I’m afraid they’re both dead.”

“What are you talking about? My husband is right there.”

“I know this doesn’t even come close to making sense, but they have each been possessed by foul…Demons. When these creatures possess you, the soul of the host dies. Even if the body still lives, what was your husband is dead.”

Tears welled up n her eyes. “I’ve been seeing things that seem impossible, but nothing could be as impossible as that. How could such things be?”

Her husband’s voice sounded from the other side of the sofa. Much of its hollowed nature was concealed. “It is impossible, honey. I think this freak has drugged us. He murdered Hank and wants to do who knows what to you and the kids.”

“John…” Her was voice uncertain.

“Carrie, don’t listen. It’s a trick! Think about all you’ve just seen. What he’s saying doesn’t make sense.”

“You’ve been drugged too. Of course nothing makes sense. Set me free, before he hurts the kids.”

Jack had been freeing their daughter and was on the far side of the table when Carrie reached down and snatched up the fallen knife and began to run toward her bound husband.

“Carrie no!” He yelled. He started after her, but with his wounds and her head start he doubted he could make it in time.



Find out how Jack began his adventures here!

Carrie with a Knife

Carrie with a Knife

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