Warrior of the Earth

October 8, 2012

A greyness clung to his mind. For a moment, he didn’t remember what had happened to him. The dry cruel voices brought it back. He paused to listen while his faculties slowly returned.

“Let’s get to cutting,” Dark Hair was saying.

“I told you I need to make a drink,” The man with the goatee argued. “Everything is better with booze.”

“Maybe I’ll just start without you. I got some real interesting ideas on how I can stretch things out and make a guy like this last for weeks. He’ll be begging to let us Darken him before dawn.” Then both men broke out laughing.

Jack figured he was in some type of basement, for the men went up a splintered set of stairs and he heard to sounds of ice clanking in a glass cup. They had bound him, of course, but this binding had extra dangers. Broken razors had been wired to his forearms and calves. These were placed away from the shackles, but any type of serious struggling would cause the razors to cut into his skin.

Looking around, he saw roughly hewn walls, like the men might have been making resent additions to the place themselves. Being forced to work as a slave in the mines of the Darcarre had taught Jack a few things. Most importantly, a whole section of exposed earth lined one wall.

Jack smiled.

“They do not know who they’re missing with.”

He used his blessing of Yig to become one of his God’s children. Limbs retreated and scales erupted from his flesh as Jack transformed himself into an Indigo snake. The razors cling for a moment, but the smaller snake body fell through the shackles and wired traps. He slithered to the floor, but the Templars were already returning. He hurried to the earthen wall as the pair descended the stairs.

“No, seriously we need to watch out for this guy,” Dark Hair, was saying. “I have a cousin in New Orleans that said some guy named Jack took out a whole Temple of Pain down there.”

Ice clinked as the other man swirled his drink. “Don’t matter now, this guy is screwed, chewed, and… gone!”

That was when Jack hit them with his most powerful spell, Earth Control. Like a wave, jets of moving earth plowed into both men. Tables filled with the tools of torture flew toward the two Templars as the rolling earth capsized all that stood before it. The earth assailed the Xemmoni like a giant fist and soon each was more than half buried and just struggled to keep their heads above the grasping turrets of sand.

“Bringing a servant of Yig down into an earthen room. Real smart.” He walked forward as the earth began to harden. “And yeah, that was me that took out that rotten hive of evil in New Orleans. It was one of my happier moments.”

Jack snatched up a decent sized knife and said, “Now let’s see if you sick pukes can take it as well as you can-aaaaggggggghhhhhhh, Damn it!”

The pair had opened their mouths, which omitted a ruby glow like when kids turn flashlights on in their mouths. Their torture Bestows crashed into him again. But this time he was prepared. He fought the paralyzing pain and with a jerk of his left arm he sent a three foot arc of earth crashing into them.

The sand hit Goatee in the face and broke his concentration. Jack fought his way through Dark Hair’s soul ripping pain. Step by step his pushed through the agony toward the struggling man. The Templar’s eyes glowed red as the venom of his hatred for life was converted into an onslaught of pain.

Dark Hair

Dark Hair

With a yell, Jack stabbed forward with his blade. With the Earth spell still restricting his movements, all the Xemmoni could do was scream as Jack’s newest dagger took him in the eye. Jack didn’t stop to the blade was buried to the hilt.

He was giving it a turn, just to be sure, when Goatee’s Bestow once again crashed into him. Jack grew weaker. Flesh split and blood seeped out of him in thick threads. Using the last of his Ki to heal himself, Jack spun around and kicked the second Templar in the chest. The man fell back into the clinging sands. Seconds later, Jack leapt upon him. Through the red haze of the monstrous pain spell that tore at him, Jack was able to punch the Templar in the face. He struck him again and again. Soon it was a rhythm of punch after punch until the Bestow broke and the man’s limp body sunk into the moving earth.

It tempted Jack to let the man die, but with his mother in trouble, Jack also knew he needed to learn more about who controlled this city and having a captured Xemmoni might be just the thing to provide him with that information. So with a curse, Jack grabbed the Templar with the Goatee and dragged his limp body upstairs.

“Good there’s still ice.”

Get in on the beginning of Jack’s Adventures Here!

Temple of Pain

Temple of Pain

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