One More Red Nightmare

November 26, 2012

The first episode of this serial adventure was posted 9/17/12


Jack had helped himself to a stray machete before they had left the house in the swamp and he let this led the way out of the trashed car. The teens tried to hold it together, but weren’t doing so well. Blake still screamed like the Banshees from Hell were sawing off his nuts. Rich almost sounded worse and the fool began to sprint away from them as soon as he made clear of the door.


Bladed Jack

Bladed Jack

“Damn it!” Jack cursed. “Alex, try to stop that idiot. Eric, get Blake out of the car and try to stay behind me.”

Scanning the area, Jack looked for any sign of his enemy while at least half the teens struggled to do as he asked. “Should have brought more weapons. Damn,” he said to himself. There was still no sign of the Templars when Eric joined him as the edge of an alley that stretched between to businesses that had closed for the night.

“We won’t be able to hide with Blake screaming like this,” Eric gasped as he hauled his friend’s thrashing body along.

“I’m not looking to hide.” Jack said, as he switched the longer blade to his left hand and drew a throwing knife with his right.

In the distance, he heard Rich’s screaming. It was the horrid tortured scream of a man hit by one of the Templars’ Agony Bestows. But this one was soon cut short. “Did I say damn enough already?” Jack spit through clenched teeth, but then his attention switched to the sounds of footsteps racing toward his back.

Without conscious thought, his body turned and his throwing knife sped toward the sprinting target. It turned out that the man was only eight feet short of Jack and the knife struck him in the throat. The Xemmoni tried to cast a Bestow at Jack, but with a pierced thorax, he couldn’t find his voice. It was the last thing the Templar ever tried, for Jack hacked through half of his neck with the machete and the villain collapsed with a wet moan.

“Holy hell,” Eric whispered from behind him.

Blake was still screaming, so Jack said, “Come on, there are at least two more of these pukes out there. He went to help Eric drag Blake further down the alley while saying, “I hope your friend Alex makes it back here. If we don’t see him in about thirty seconds it will mean he’s gone and we’ll—ahhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggg!”


Agony Town

Agony Town

Jack’s world turned red as the most powerful Agony Bestow he had ever felt crashed into him. He fell to his knees. Jack put everything he could into his battle against the pain, but it proved too much and he did a face plant onto the cold pavement.

He heard more screaming out there, but then couldn’t be sure if it might be just his own. He screamed until his throat burned and he thought he voice would die, but then more screaming came. Veins were split before being tied into knots. His heart felt like it spun through his rib cage destroying all his organs one by one. It’s not real…it’s just a spell, I should be able AHHHHHHHH!


Torn Apart Heart

Torn Apart Heart

He thought he heard a choking sound behind him, but couldn’t be sure of anything past the pain and the sounds of his own torment. He was helpless and the teens were paying the price. The last thought he had was how selfish it had been for him to get them involved before he lost consciousness. Yet even as his consciousness failed him, he looked up to try to see who had cast this powerful Bestow upon him. He thought he saw a Woman’s Face

He thought he saw a Woman's Face

He thought he saw a Woman’s Face


To be continued next Monday…


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