Black and Red, Monsters in My Bed

December 10, 2012

This Serialized Story Begins 9/13/12

Jack was up with dawn’s first light. He used a large share of his mystic strength to heal up the majority of his accumulating wounds, but kept a goodly amount in reserve. Who knows what horrors I might end up facing today?


Lonely Jack

Lonely Jack

By the time Alex showed up, Jack had already carved down a huge morning star into a more manageable size. This weapon was made from a young tree that had eight foot long nails driven through it.

“Good to see you Alex. You don’t mind if I claim this for myself?”

Alex set down a bit of food and then tossed some more wood into the stove. “Take whatever you like. After what happened last night, I’m not sure this house will ever be the same.”


Gloomy Woods

Gloomy Woods

“I’m so sorry about what happened to your friends. I wish-”

“I’m not ready to talk about that yet.”

“I understand,” Jack said, and for a long moment nothing was heard except the crackling of the fire.

It was Alex who broke the silence. “So what’s the plan now?”

“Well, I still need to check in on my mother and see what might be happening to her, but these Templar scum also need to be taken out hard. Part of me almost wants to just see if my mother is okay, or maybe get her someplace safe so I can focus on those Temple of Pain bastards.”

“But if she’s in trouble, maybe even bigger trouble, then we could get caught up in that while Blake is being tortured or something worse.”

“I’ve thought of that. It seems like I have two colossal problems that both need to be taken care of yesterday. But hell, we don’t even know where their temple might be.”

“I called in reinforcements. Maybe we could try to find it while you check on your mom,” Alex said. “You told us you met those first two in a bar. In the winter, people tend to drink near where they live.”

Shaking his head, Jack said, “Good thinking, you might end up being a Stalwart yet.”

“Yeah, if I can live long enough,” Alex replied, without looking Jack in the eye.

Jack broke the silence this time. “I wish you hadn’t contacted your friends.”

“Screw that,” Alex said, his voice rising. “Those evil pukes killed two of my friends, not only I, but my buddies want revenge too!”

Jack saw a flash of himself in the young man and knew better than to argue. He also knew he needed the help, he just wished there could be another way.

*         *         *

One of Alex’s friends was late to arrive, but they still kept with the plan. Alex, along with John and Jerry would drop Jack off near his mother’s apartment and then scout the area around the bar where Jack had first fought the Templars. The teens promised to wait for his support before they did anything. With luck, Jack hoped he could figure out what might be going on with his mother before sun set, meet up with the teens, take out the Templars, and still be in time for last call.

After confirming that the teens would make no move without him, Jack stepped out of John’s ride and headed toward his mother’s apartment.


Apartment of Doom

Apartment of Doom

During the day, the place lacked the dark tendrils Jack had seen the night before. It appeared normal enough on the outside, maybe a bit run down, but when Jack enacted his Detect Darken spell the place almost knocked him over with the waves of glossy black evil it radiated.

“Crap, maybe the Templars would have been easier than this,” he grumbled, but then moved through the front doors.

Once inside, everything changed. Threads of pulsing black moved along the walls like diseased veins. Clouds of rolling fog obscured the floor. Vivid dark faces breathed through the walls, like demons trying to emerge into his world. Goosebumps formed on his arms and his quickened breaths released mist into the frigid air.


Walls of Darkness

Walls of Darkness

“Damn it, mom,” He whispered and was only answered by hollow moans that echoed down the hallway. The sounds of stones being ground together caused his head to jerk back the way he had come and before his eyes, the entrance became walled over by jagged black stone.

“Ah crap.”


Haunted Apartment

Haunted Apartment


To be continued next Monday…



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