Stuck Between and Ghost and a Sharp Place

January 21, 2013

This Serial Began on 9/13/12

As Jack Primus jogged away from the possessed high-rise, with his unconscious mother slung over his shoulder, the physical aftermath of his recent battles tore at his body. Limping over to an enclosed doorway, Jack laid his mother onto the brick floor and tried to wake her.

“Come on mom. Be okay. I’m sorry I was so late.”

Her face and lips had a bluish cast. “Damn, even if those ghosts, or demons, or whatever the hell they were, hadn’t nearly drained the life out of her, no one her age should be outside on such a frigid night. Ergg, no cell, no car. I hate to think what you would be saying to me through all this.”

Misty Graveyard

Misty Graveyard

Feeling he had no other option, Jack found a pay phone and dialed an ambulance. As he watched her being taken away from where he had hidden, he chided himself. “I might have to move up into the twenty first century one of these days.”

Looking around the quiet streets, he added, “And I’m probably ten miles from Alex and those other teens that were trying to help me. Who knows what trouble they might have gotten into trying to save their friends?  And why the fuck am I always talking to myself? I need to get a life, or at least a friend. I miss Hannah and Ethan.”

Cold City Night

Cold City Night

Then it hit him that those teenagers had proved to be the closest things he’d had to friends and if he didn’t do something, they would all be tortured to death by the damned Temple of Pain. Ten miles isn’t that far, but with this leg, maybe I should risk calling a…

A mustang skidded to a stop before him.

Mustang Night Prowl

Mustang Night Prowl

Alex rode shotgun, he rolled down the window, but it was Jack that spoke first. “This is the second time that you found me in the middle of a vast city.”

“Yig provides,” the teenager said, while trying to manage a smile. His friends looked at him strange and there were a lot more to do so. Jack recognized John and Jerry, but two new young men also road in the cramped space.

“Hey Alex, who are these guys? I really don’t want any more of your friends hurt.”

“Hell, with that. We got another car full of my friends watching the place right now. These guys killed Rich for sure. Kidnapped Blake and maybe Eric. We’re going to bring the hammer down on these freaks, the only question is…are you coming with us?”

“Crap, of course I am, it’s just, damn it. Move the hell over and next time bring a bigger car.”

“We scouted out the area around the bar,” Alex said, once the car started moving. It took a while, but we found an old abandoned church that gave us the creeps by just looking at it. Inside the place was painted blood red. I didn’t see my friends, but I did see that crazy chick again. I think she’s their leader. I also think whatever is happening is happening in a basement. I looked for windows to a lower level, but when I didn’t find any, so I figured I should get you before we tried anything.”

“Wise move. I just hope your buddies are okay.”

Fog Shrouded Hero

Fog Shrouded Hero

“We heard some faint screams,” John said from behind the wheel. “They sounded like Blake’s. We need to help him right now.”

“Why can’t we just go to the police again?” One of the new teens said from the back.

“They would just end up killed,” Jack said. “Beside I try to steer clear of the boys in blue. They tend to ask a lot of questions when the bodies start piling up.”

“Bodies piling up…” The teen said with a tone bordering on shrill..

“Oh yeah,” Alex said. “This is Andre and Joel. They both agreed to help save Blake.”

“Alright, I guess, but just follow my lead when we get there. And stay behind me. I don’t want to lose any more of you guys. I just hope your friends are still safe and it’s too bad I couldn’t have healed up for a night before we went up against the Templars.”

His last statement silenced the men inside the car—the only sound became tires tearing down the icy road.



To be continued next Monday



Get in on the beginning of Jack’s Adventures Here!




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